BPC 157, TB500 info for all

Some good articles on the two peptides I usually bring up.



You never cease to amaze me bro!! Your level of “give a shit”. Is much much above average. Sorry don’t know how else to describe it!!!

You da man!!! Thanks a lot brother!!!

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Haha I appreciate it my friend. Your enthusiasm is infectious. I want boys as healthy as they can be!


That’s because your not a selfish person. It’s obvious!!!

You definitely have a place here in the Ug world that makes a difference!!!

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Hey bro. The one link on there offers bpc and thyroid support to support T4. Says the thyroid support sounds more like a secratogue then the compound. Kind of like Ipamorelin bs the real GH. Unless am reading it wrong.

These are both pills. I have more confidence in injections then pills. However the pills seem much less expensive then injections. What are your thoughts on this.

Thanks bro!!!

Thymosin b4 is not t4. I think that’s the confusion I’m reading. I’ve only used injectable peptides. I don’t know anything about the pill form.

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That’s how I feel about anything. Just don’t like pills. Not since I’ve started injecting. See much more results from injecting.

I’m gonna order this today. What dose did you recommend. I know you told me before but I lost it.

Tb500 and bpc

For me and wife

She weighs 160

BPC 157: 250-500mcg daily.
TB 500: 2-4 mg twice a week.

Always start at the lowest dose and increase if needed. I’m 235lb and 250mg/2mg works just fine for me.

I typically don’t use longer than 6 weeks without a 2 week break. Most others will go 4 weeks on 2 weeks of.

SubQ injection.

So what are those measurements on an insulin needle. I am trying to google it but getting confused

I think I figured it out. 25 on syringe for 250 mcg and 20 for 2 mg?

Depends on what mg strength you get, and how much you dilute the peptides with.

Ug. Trying to figure out how much to order from bs

4mg a week x 6 weeks- 24 mg tb500
250mcg x 7 days x 6 weeks- 10.5 mg BPC 157

That’s for one person for 6 week.

How many iu is your insulin syringe? 100 iu/1ml?

Yes 1 ml

100 or 50 units? I’ll post a picture of the calculations for dosage.

My handwriting is awful. You’re just going to have to deal with it. :joy::joy::joy: this setup can be used to find any dosage and leaves little room for error.

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Nice. Got a screen shot. And ya it’s shitty handwriting but so is mine so I’m use to it. Hahaha

Haha well that’s good. If you end
Up with 5mg vials etc and you need help with the calculation bc you can’t read my handwriting just let me know. :joy::joy:

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