Brand check is this gear legit

I always use SRX always good results.

My buddy asking about this gear if it’s legit if anyone’s used or heard of them

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You have to use a roidtest to know that

They are a sponsor on here. And they have been a great sponsor.

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No he posted a picture of some lab ive never heard of and im not giving them advertising.
If he wants to know its legit order a roidtest just like everyone else


Ive never seen a vial without an expiry date. Thoughts?

Your picture was removed, so I think he was under the assumption your were talking about SRX

Like @Bigmurph said, best to just test it and clear the air


Where do y’all get a test kit I’ve never tested before

At checkout you get 20% off with code UGMUSCLE

Some UGL have date of manufacture some put expiration date. All sponsors here I have seen those 2 things but never nothing

If he is interested in becoming a sponsor and can pass verification process have them contact me if there looking to advertise

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Well @TexasD your member here, do your homework


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