Brand new just wanted to say hi!

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Hey! I’m brand new to the site! Still trying to figure things out. I’ve been bodybuilding for 3 years but I’ve been around the fitness community for awhile now. I’m a personal trainer as well as I manage a gym. I’m very excited to continue to grow in knowledge and practical experience through this site. It seems to have alot to offer! Can’t wait to meet some new contacts and really keep things charging forward! I will end this introduction with my favorite quote.
“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” Henry Ford

Welcome to ugm brother glad to have you here.
If you ever want to discuss anything im always up for a good discussion. If you need any advice or help with your diet training or cycles just ask I enjoy helping others. I also have questions I like to run by like minded guys to get opinions across the board. I believe that it has helped me alot through my journey of getting back into shape. 2yrs ago in July I was 260lbs and 30%+bf. Now im at 200lbs give or take depending on the day and im at 16%bf right now because im running a heavy bulk of sustanon and decca. After my cycle I will cut back down to the 12-13% I was at before I had started this run.
My goals are to get a set of rock solid abs. I’ve met all my other goals I had set 2yrs ago so im hoping after this run I will be where I want.
What about you do you have any plans for a cycle or do you workout natty?
Hope to have some good discussions with you in the future. If you ever need anything just hit me up anytime.

Welcome again to ugm

I have to add I always enjoy a good quote especially from a man like Henry Ford.
What you think is truly a powerful thing. The mind and what you tell yourself with it will determine if you can or can’t.

Thanks for the reply BigMurph! Rock Solid abs are always a goal it’s just hard for me to find a balance where I can continue to gain muscle and be able to shred my abs. I’ve had a lot of success with the ketogenic diet. My strength to definitely declines but I’m able to get very lean without losing too much muscle. Future cycle I plan on running isn’t trying to take it easy. I plan on running testosterone E cruising out for a little while and maybe introducing some Tren. I’ve heard alot of good stuff about Priviron. It’s the one compound I have not tried. I’m recently coming off a relapse I’m a recovering meth and heroin addict as well as an alcoholic. I had around a year and a half clean and sober in that year and a half two years of me and getting clean I had managed to build my body up to about 215 at 11%. I’m naturally not a very big person my bone structure is not huge. Show me at 215 looks huge. I’ve also struggled with having a real shredded stomach my waist is so small and my abs are so flat that in order for me to get them to protrude out I’m going to actually have to put some mass on my abs. I actually have to be careful with even running Cycles because of my addiction I’ve noticed that I will run Cycles longer than what I was supposed to or I’ll have a fear of what will happen when I’m finished. This feeds into my addictive personality quite a bit. Right now I’m waiting for a bed I’m going to go back in the treatment for a while and then to a sober living house for 6 months to a year. I’ve been back in the gym regularly now I’m still at 180 probably 10%but my strength is gone from the relapse. I’m really excited and growing and knowledge with cycles and also my diet I’m really just trying to figure out a good diet where I can continue to gain muscle without holding a lot of water and of course keeping that stomach trim. Please any recommendations on sources of where you get your gear at a good price I would love to hear from it on the recent guy I went through is now gone and his prices are unbeatable and product with solid. Thanks for reaching out to me and I really look forward to being a part of this community!

I myself am a recovering addict I have been clean for 7yrs now. It is definitely a struggle but working out is definitely a reason that I have stayed clean with others also I changed my thinking about my body and I really enjoy looking good and I know that there is no chance of that happening if I were to use opiates. I definitely wish you the best with your recovery.

I myself have problems with cutting. The diet part is hard for me not eating clean but actually eating less. I enjoy bulking eating like a monstar.
I believe that I might not ever get rock solid abs but I will have a shaped stomach at around 12% is where I feel comfortable.

We have a good group of verified src here at ugm gearbankintl is a great src with great prices we also have diamondpharm and Kodiakqueen which all 3 are domestic and have solid gear. You can look them up in the verified srcs category. I would recommend contacting them and they are good people they won’t have a problem helping you out with anything.

I would definitely be careful running cycles because of the use of needles it causes alot of relapses. When that happens almost every time you will lose your gains.

If you have any questions fire away i enjoy helping guys plan out a solid cycle that will help you reach your goals.

Proviron is something I would recommend to everyone to use in there cycles. The benefit to risk is what makes it truly one of the best compounds. Its also somewhat inexpensive so you get your money’s worth from it.
I would though stay away from tren it shuts you down extremely hard so your pct will take longer and then you will feel like shit and we both know guys like us don’t like to feel like shit.
Stick with a test e cycle add some Proviron and maybe an oral like tbol. This cycle will be easier to come back from and will give you amazing gains. Its really all about the diet you eat while on cycle that really determinesthe gains you make. What you put in your body meaning protien carbs and fats determineshow your body will grow and how much. Sleep is also a huge factor in how much you will grow on cycle.

Good luck and good gains brother
Hit me up anytime

Welcome bro, I’m new here as well, and while I’m pretty sure I don’t know nearly as much about this game as the founding members, I certainly am interested in sharing ideas

Welcome! It’s good to meet you! How long have you been training and what are your main goals?

BigMurph! Hope your day is going well! I’ve been thinking that for my first cycle since my relapse I’m thinking about keeping it simple just some test E and some epistane. What do you think? It is about summer might as well keep it lean. By the way I’m going into a inpatient rehab Monday wish me luck! It’s a paid one no more statefunded lol

Right back at you. I’ve been training for 10+ yrs but only in the last 24 mon dialed in my diet and training parameters. Currently at a bf percentahebsimular to bigmurph based on his pic but I might hold a bit more fat in the belly. Currently I’m 225lbs @5’ 11". Oh also started trt last year but got sick of the low dose plus moon face due to test and now getting into using deca and proviron as a base. Goal is to get to 250 while keeping body fat under 20%. Don’t care about cuts or muscles that pop. Care much more about being very strong and heavy.

Oh like you i too have some unique constraints /challenges , descrubed them in detail in my first post on ugl, for me the issue is excessive inflammation pwo & crazy slow recovery. Prolly the only guy who trying to make gains on a training volume of 5 total sets per week

Good luck with the treatment you know i wish you the best just take it seriously but im sure you already know that.

First cycle I would hold off until you have atleast 6 months clean and you know that feeling when you don’t want to relapse anymore comes then think and we can plan out a solid cycle for you brother
Goodluck brother see you on the other side

That lower recovery time must be frustrating! 250 is huge! I know you can do it! I have such a fast metabolism I eat all day and tons of it but I don’t pack on anymore weight once I hit 215. I have a hard time slowing down my workouts as well. I’m always go go go. Which leads to burning to many calories. I have alot of issues with water retention it seems to be natural for my body to hold on to water for some reason. Well it’s good to meet you t-bill. I wish you the best of luck and look forward to hearing about your progress and getting to m ow you more.

Welcome brother!

Yeah it is beyond frustrating but I’ve had to live with it or be okay with making zero progress. Although I’m very pleased with the drastically reduced recovery time I’ve noticed after switching from test to deca and upping the dose from 200 to 400. Still just the first week so I’ll wait till this happens repeatedly before popping the champagne

What has helped me bust through sticking points when I just couldn’t consume more calories was getting more high quality calories via liquids during each and every time of the day when you’re thirsty - for me this is when I sleep I am thirsty the whole time so I keep a cold fairlife choc milk bottle next to my bed and set an alarm to wake me up in the middle of the night, alarm goes off, I chug as much as I can from the bottle without even getting out of bed, and then instantly fall back asleep. Do the same thing if I wake up in the middle of the night for whatever reason without an alarm. Makes it very easy to get an additional 90g carbs, 90 G protein, & 30 g fat in the system.

@t-bill What was your total amount of calories when you needed to chug fairlife choc milk bottle by your bedside? I’ve noticed that when I supplement more and more protein shakes vs. substance protein found in foods, I end up getting bloated and holding more body fat. This is both while I was cutting as well as bulking. Do you notice this also?

I’m still doing it, daily intake is ~5000 cals, 350-400 gym protein. As far as the bloat I think that’s a function of the quality of the supplement plus amount of lactose if you’re lactose intolerant etc.
E.g regular choc milk makes me bloated and then have diarrhea
Slim fast Atkins pure protein shakes send me running to the bathroom w diarrhea within minutes of ingestion
I don’t have any issues w muscle milk though
With animal protein the quality is high
especially compared to most supplements so yeah that would. Be easier on the body

Edit: forgot to mention the fair life choc milk gives me zero problems I think because it is UHT milk. Hut milk is pretty much the only type of milk wild in most of SE Asia because file there just don’t handle lactose well

Luckily, I don’t have to worry about lactose intolerance, but I have not purchased any high quality protein shakes; I will look into that. I have only supplemented my protein grams count by way of shakes provided at Cost Co., but then again, that is only because the other percentage of my protein intake comes from chicken and salmon. I must also mention that I am nowhere close to consuming as much calories as you, only 2,000 with 230 g of protein.

sounds like a plan, btw there’s a huge # of people who don’t know they have some degree of lactose intolerance. It’s not an on/off thing, more of a continuum.
Can you do a gallon of milk a day without temporarily messing up your digestive system? I can handle 2 tall glasses of normal milk daily without any issues but the minute I up the volume i start having issues.

Yeah, when I was a kid, I used to drink milk like it was running out of style. Even now as an adult, I can still down a gallon of milk, but I’d rather not because of how many calories that would be.

Are there any tests out there to measure one’s lactose intolerance aside from attempting to destroy their digestive system?

Welcome to Ugm @Codyh0415!

welcome. ,
its a pleasure to have you , if you ever need anything dont hesitate to ask. , on forumor message me , welcome agion .

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