Brand Spankin' New to the Forum

Brand Spankin' New to the Forum

Been lifting for about 5 years (highschool-early 20s). I’ve definitely improved my muscle and overall body composition. What would you guys say is the next step here? Is there still a lot more room for improvement? I have gone through 3 years of cut/bulk. Natty atm. Any tips are welcome.

Nutrition is on point. I am in uni/college studying Nutrition.

180 pounds ~19% body fat (coming off a bulk+previous injury)
5’9" early 20s male.
Obese-prediabetic in my early teens.

Currently: Slow cutting to 10-12% body fat. 2500 cal/day

Push/Pull/Legs twice a week except for legs. (I don’t need to work my legs much)

Physique goals: something like Zac Perna. I know he’s on the shorter side so my insertions might not coincide, but something remotely close would be good enough.


This is now your introduction

Welcome to ugmuscle glad to have you around



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Hey bro

Are you actually blind?


Welcome to the forum… as far as your question goes what are your goals in the gym to get huge? Maintain what you have at the moment or go for a pro card and start doing competitions?

thank you for your service

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Welcome to the board.
Tons of info on here

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& no I am not blind

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Thank you, and ok was curios.


& Lmao @John :joy:

Thank you. I feel like mainstream platforms are just a waste of time at this point.


Welcome to the college of knowledge brosef

Welcome aboard!

Welcome brother :muscle:

Welcome !

Welcome bro! It depends on goals man, I would stay natty as long as you can

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Welcome to THE board. Need to list stats and goals to get accurate advice as far as what step to take next. I agree with @swole88 to stay natural as long as possible. Natural gains go away a lot slower that enhanced gains.

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Thank you very much!

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