Breaking out more than normal

Hey guys so I ended my cycle a couple weeks back and I’ve been at 200 test a week about to come off and PCT and my back is breaking out pretty bad. This isn’t normal for me as even on cycle it’s not half this bad. Last time I got off cycle I didn’t have any break outs whatsoever, what could be the reasoning for this?

Your estrogen is probably high and your testosterone low you have to shower alot and change the sheets every day if you don’t want any acne


I tend to get acne more when my estrogen is lower


You know what buddy I was just thinking my E was high abs took some adex right before you sent that.

I didn’t think I needed Adex on 1cc and HCG but it could be the HCG acting estrogenic as I just started it…

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Its either acne caused by bacteria or it has to do with hormone fluctuations

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Either way will get you im not sure what the sweet spot is but any hormone fluctuation will cause acne or bacteria

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Yep body likes to be in steady in balance


Mine usually flares up when I go back to TRT/cruise dose as well, it’s the imbalance. Luckily, I just get it on/around my girdle. If it gets cystic, try some doxycycline, easy to get even without a script and some off label benefits as well.

It always goes back to normal I’d imagine

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