Breakrast numero uno

Half dozen whole eggs 2 can yellow fin tuna half cup cheese and milk and creatine do yall use creatine?


Idk about that tuna on eggs brother never had LOL but looks bomb as hell and straight protein.


Looks good, no creatine

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I agree with @BigSwole69 tuna and eggs seem yucks. Hahahaha. But big protein beast for certain. Don’t use creatine

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Don’t think I can get on board with tuna and eggs lol

I do not use creatine purposefully. Some preworkout I take have it but I could care less if it does or doesn’t

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Yeah tuna and eggs ain’t my best but I was in a pinch grocery day tomorrow lol

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Too old. creatine is not good for me. So I stopped. Tuna and eggs together sound disgusting…



Oh it moist certainly is

Thank God I’m not the only one. Lol. It looks good until I read tuna and I don’t use creatine anymore. DR told me to stop it

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Really? Guess I will quit using it 2 sounds like everyone else is with that plan

I use the hcl version so I’m not ingesting as much about 2-3 grams a day. Also it makes the preworkout sour so that’s a plus. Like I’m drinking a rare beer

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