Bridge Test P into Test C cycle

How would you bridge Test P into Test C on cycle? I am on cycle with NPP…I have a Test p to start put with but eventually will have to switch over to Test C being those are the bottle I have to work with…How would I bridge 500 Test P to Test C being Test C takes longer to kick in and keep it at 500 mg a week with no issue?

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I could be wrong but I you should not have to overlap them more than 3 days-5 days with C

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I would start test c then switch to test p to finish if It was me.

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I personally would pin 250 of C on Monday with my normal dose of P, keep the dose of test P the same daily until you pin C on Thursday and then stop the test p on Friday.

That’s honestly probably overkill and your levels will be a little high. You could probably just switch and be fine… but a little overlap won’t hurt.


OR you could not bridge,and practice patience while the test C does it’s job,slow n steady.


Agreed. C starts crashing at day 4…so you’ve got some wiggle room.

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