British Army Chiefs Won’t Rule Out Anabolic Steroids for Troops

British Army Chiefs Won’t Rule Out Anabolic Steroids for Troops


Who cares they are risking their lives I’d want them in top physical shape. Doesn’t make since to not want them to be.

I know that there are alot of veterans here and it really surprises me that the military anywhere in the world wouldn’t be using some type of ped.

I know that air force pilots have amphetamine if they need it to stay awake on the 24hr plus missions.
I have read that modanifil was actually originally produced for the military to replace the amphetamines that certain soldiers are given because it is less addictive and has less side effects than amphetamines but it wasn’t approved.

Without giving up classified information does anyone have any stories about their military pushing them to use any compounds?

Never pushed but command certainly knew what was up overseas and never once did anything about it- Iraq and Afghanistan have OTC gear in every pharmacy and the boys made the best of it.

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