Broken body makes for a hard come back

Last year I broke my back, neck, foot, shoulder, and jaw. Had my jaw wired shut for almost three months and bed ridden for a majority of the year. I lost almost 40 pounds and I’m having a lot of trouble gaining that back. Even with diet. I’m a wrestler and stayed pretty slender for a lot of my life. I’m going to stack sus 250 and tren a to help boost my efforts. Any thoughts?


Hgh helps heal. I would run that. I ran hgh and test/low dose deca to bounce back from knee and ankle injury. Not as serious as yours but it helped me get back to being able to squat again! Low dose deca helped with joint pain a lot for me

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Hey buddy, that sucks I would not want to come back from that, I commend you…now seeing as you need to eat to grow, not just be dependent on AAS, what is your diet like?

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Broken jaw is one of the hardest injuries to deal with. A boost for breakfast and an ensure dessert. Lol I can’t believe that I just quoted Kanye but it really is the truth and 3 months on a liquid diet is insane.
I would say that testosterone and a nandrolone are good choices to start with and I would wait until your body heals everything the best it can and I would recommend using HGH like Ohioaas said it really does help.
Nandrolone is a really good healing compound tren being a nor19 will work but it might be a bit strong for someone coming off of all your injuries and just getting back into the gym.
Take it slow because the worst thing that could happen is you re injure yourself somehow pushing hard running alot of gear.
When I ruptured my bicep coming back into the gym was incredibly hard. I used npp and var with testosterone to try and get collagen synthesis going to help strengthen my tendons. Hgh I used later and it did help. It actually helped with some of my older football injuries even.
I wish you the best brother hit me up anytime.

I just wanted to add that what John said is true. Diet is a big factor in your recovery. I would definitely get a good diet together then training program and see where you’re at then move forward with a cycle. Its a marathon not a race so pace yourself brother.
Good luck and good gains

My diet is pretty good. Regular protein shake, vitamins, greens, potatoes, chicken, fish and drink nothing but water. Some red bulls in the mix. I can eat more but it is still hard for me to eat to this day. For some reason hgh has always scared me. I haven’t even thought about utilizing it for my injuries. I’ll get some npp with this order as well and see how that helps and maybe trying and buck up and try a run of hgh. I appreciate you all taking the time to help out.

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Sorry let me rephrased,I didn’t mean health wise, I meant that you said you can’t gain with diet, how much is your daily intake of calories and protein and such? Are you feeding enough?

Oh, my bad brother. That’s what I’m having issues with is being able to eat more. I intake about 160 grams of protein per day. Around 4000 to 5000 caleries per day. That is with 2 1200 caleries shakes. And 55 gram protein shakes. I have been eating every 2-3 hours. 3 meals and snacks in between meal times.

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So you’re basically only taking in 640 calories in protein out of the 4000+ calories you think you are taking in? I say think because most people are just guessing and aren’t even close to that. If you aren’t tracking it and just relying on “I eat every 3 hours” you’re not eating as much as you think you are. Trust me I know. Before I actually started understanding nutrition I could have sworn up and down I was eating 4000 to 5000 calories a day. After crunching the numbers and actually learning foods nutritional values I quickly realized I was only taking in around 3,000 calories a day. That’s a far cry from 5000. 50% of your intake should be protein. Doesn’t matter what your body weight is. 15 to 20% in fats and fill in the remainder with your complex carbs. Smash the numbers to get to 4000 calories. You’ll grow on that

Ok I got it, and yes what @Berserker said is spot on.

@berkserker. Thanks man. I’ll start being more mindful and log daily intakes. Do you recommend any apps or readings to help with correct logging?

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Right now I’m actually following a meal plan already laid out for me but typically I’m old school and prefer to just write everything down. It’s hard to find info on nutrition facts online because there’s no telling what brand of what they took the info from. I find it best to take the info right from the packages of food I eat and write it down.