Building Lean and Mean

Building Lean and Mean

Hey Guys and Girls,

Starting a cycle of:
Tren = 0.5ml x twice a week (Tues & Thurs)
Test C = 1ml x once a week (Sun)

Fasting for 15hrs and eating approximately 3500 calls a day

Goal build lean muscle and cut fat

Any thoughts :thought_balloon:?

What ester of tren?

I’ll add to this. Test C and Tren, how many mg per ml?

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And I’d be pinning that cyp twice a week


I would say inj the tren every other day and the testosterone atleast twice a week but you can break up your dose and just pin the tren and test in the same pin.

What are the actual doses you are thinking about using plus you didn’t specify which ester on the tren?

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I would pin exactly like @Bigmurph suggests, if you cant pin that frequently at least pin test 2x week like @John suggested. Good luck man, love me some tren!

Apologies Tren A

500mg = 0.5ml

Your pinning a total of 1g tren A per week? I may have misunderstood?

Well that is 1ml which is 1g, is that 2much?

P.S. this is 1st cycle with Tren, currently weigh 90kg’s

Yeah man, way, way too much.

Jesus rookie error, well that what I was told by a dude that was pinning, but his gear was coming from AAS pharmacy. Which definitely confirms my suspicions that they are bogus.

What should I be pinning?

Test C?
Tren A?

If you have to ask what you should be using you probably shouldn’t be using it I understand that you are a rookie but that means that you should do some research brother.

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What does it say on the bottle. If you’re pinning 500mg at .5 mls you would be pinning straight crystals and that would hurt like a motherfucker. Most are 250 to 350mg per ml. There are some higher. I’ve seen 550gm per ml. But never a gram per ml. I think you may need some more research. Before moving to a cycle. Just my observation. And Tren? Read the label. That’s a start. If you’re pinning a gram of Tren a week as a start, stand the fuck by is all I’m going to say… tell me some cycles you have completed. You should have a few under your belt before tge a train. Just sayin…


Ask more questions, a lot more

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This is a outfuckingstanding conversation

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Thanks Big Murph,

Appreciate your comments and will do just that research, research, research.

I am amazed how much I have learnt from this site and from peeps at the gym who think they know what they talking about but don’t.

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I was like WTF? 500mg in .5 ml?? Be like pinning powder. :joy:


If you have specific questions hit me up just tag me in to the conversation with @Bigmurph
Im always here to help brother

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1 gram of tren would last me amonth

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