Bulking cycle for estrogen side effects prone man

Bulking cycle for estrogen side effects prone man

Hi guys,
I would like to receive any competent recommendations for my upcoming bulking cycle and the post PCT.
Well, to get the idea, few words about me. I am 34 years old guy, not a beginner really. I used to go to the gym for periods of time. About 3 years ago when I started quite a mild cycle of testosterone enanthate 500mg/week + turinabol 40mg/daily after about 2,5 weeks I noticed some gyno side effects which were hard to fight. I remember me to be barely able to control gyno with about 2mg Arimidex and 50mg Tamoxifen per day. So I had to quit the testosterone after 5 weeks although I was willing to make it 12. This I believe was my second or third cycle but those previous ones were long ago.
Now once again after a while I am back to gym, working naturally for a while and lately considering some AAS to kickstart the whole thing. Also my doctor says I have slightly screwed my livers so I am looking for less aromatizing and less liver toxic mild cycle while still being able to bulk up some mass.
What do you think of Equipose as an option? As EQ is going to shut down my natural testosterone release, I consider stacking it with a small dosage of testosterone. Well, with test I am willing to just stay on TRT levels also because I still want it very mild in terms of aromatasing. So what is the minimum dosage of test here to make any sense when stacked with EQ for, say 13 weeks? Right now I have on my hands test E 2000mg, so I am thinking whether taking, lets say 13 weeks of EQ 400mg weekly and 150mg of test E weekly will make any sense here…
Well, I have made some calculations in dosages and length for that upcoming cycle - basically just to be able to use that 2000mg of testosterone enanthate and AIs and SERMs what I have already so that nothing will be left. Can you please look at my cycle and tell whether anything should be changed around? Please see the cycle scheme attached here.

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Any dosage of test will will aromatize if you are sensitive to it…like you I am very sensitive and can get gyno easily, I would suggest running Nolva at 10mgs for prevention of you catch my drift. Your dosages seem fine. Almost all my cycles I run trt levels as test and let the other compounds be the base and shine. Unless I’m going for an all out bulk then I’ll up my test to around 750 -1000


I honestly feel that test dose is too low. A replacement dose should really only be considered if you are on TRT for life. Otherwise I would do 500mg of test and 400mg of eq. If you use legit arimidex or aromasin and get blood work, you can easily control e2 sides.


I would bump the EQ to 600mg per week and run it for 16 weeks. Like others have said, I always run low dose nolva while on cycle in addition to a small dose of Adex every 3rd day.

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I second the test being a little on the low side.

Anyway, what is the real difference here between running Nolva instead of Aromasin during the cycle and do you mean 10mgs of Nolva daily?
Also in another forum I was told smth pretty confusing that: Guys get crashed e2 from using too much EQ when there is t enough testosterone in the cycle. The theory is that a downstream metabolite of EQ acts as an AI.
What’s your opinion on that one?

Those are 2 totally different things. Nolva is a SERM so it will only attach itself to the receptors in the breast/nipple area. Aromasin is a suicidal inhibitor , basically it will just go in and kill any estrogen you floating around. Good thing about that you won’t get a rebound estrogen effect. The bad thing is if you tank your estro it’ll take a bit longer to build back up.

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And I never heard EQ used as an AI or crashing ones estro. If anything I would use mast p to combat estro

That’s my first question is what lab did you use for your AI and nolvadex?

I don’t believe that you drew bloodwork to see were your estrogen levels were actually at you really can’t know if the AI was actually real?

If you are just really sensitive to estrogen I would choose compounds that don’t aromatase and go with low dose testosterone but as Raphael said any amount will aromatase so aromasin or possibly letrozole and nolvadex also proviron are good things to research that can help you while on cycle.

Low testosterone and high primobolan or eq can be a great bulk cycle for anyone who is sensitive to estrogen. Your diet will always determine if its a bulk not really the compounds so as long as you dial in your diet you can definitely still bulk.


Maybe even consider Mast in to the cycle?

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Well, I don’t remember about Arimidex but I found Nolva and Aromasin packages from the last cycle so you can see the pic attached. Honestly I doubt that at least these in the pic were fake because they weren’t that cheap although I got them from my gear supplier. I believe gyno still can’t be solved that quickly so it was what it was. The shitty part is that back then I didn’t understand the physiological processes of that stuff that good although I thought that was clear enough. So I didn’t do my bloodwork during the cycle. Therefore it can also mean that something was slightly screwed and I didn’t give myself the right impulses to solve the problem in most efficient way.
Right know I am willing to experiment a bit to really get to know my body’s reaction even if it might take doing bloodwork every week or so. It will help to build some background for the further cycles anyway.

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Do you mean adding Masterone to Test and EQ cycle? I have got the idea of Masterone as a cutting agent more than of a bulking one.

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They look legitimate but its so hard to tell nowadays. I believe that every cycle definitely helps you learn more and more. I like that you already use pharma grade AI/PCT its a good choice.

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Mast has been proven to lower estrogen levels.
There’s a write up on here somewhere… One of the guys and I were going back and forth about it.(in a good way)

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