Burning Fat.... yeah

Probably one of the most talked about subjects… because it seems like no matter what stage youre in, you need to drop more fat. I was reading up on albuteral, ephedrine, DNP… and its side effects… instantly thought of my work day… consigering 50% of my work days i feel like im suffering from all those sides
Tachycardia- irregular and rapid heart rate
Rapid breathing
Dizziness and headaches
High temperature, sweating and flushed skin
Nausea and vomiting
(im not on DNP)… its just comes from busting ass in the heat 10 hours a day out in the weather.

Has anyone checked out Formula Science on youtube? (Its a youtube channel of some dude who discusses a lot of his opinion about anabolics If or when you do drop your opinion down below… does he know his shit… or is he just spouting bs? But while on the topic im sure gets brought up often to go along with the diet and exercise what do you recommend?.. i also feel like a future topic about being obese and wanting to cycle… may come soon… i know majority opinion on that based off a post from yesterday. Headed to bed, figured ot would be better to post than not to.

Are you asking if you should run dnp or that was just a random side note? Or does formula science have to do with dnp? I’m not familiar with it. Sorry I struggled to follow the thought path haha.


I suppose i was looking for best suppliments or fat cutting agents to help speed up the process of dropping body fat more efficiently.

With the type of job you have and the side effects already happening.
You got to get your cardio going.
If you add in any type of thermogenic or other fat loss aid you could very well fall out at work. After work get on a machine or just get out to the park even walk the block. Get your heart rate up and start burning calories and get your body used to being pushed.
If you’re already working a job that pushes you to that point every day. Your diet definitely needs changes. I was 265 fat as hell because I went to work every day got the shit kicked out of me but every chance I got I was eating some garbage. I took a step back and looked and realized because I was tired from work I never cooked anything fresh everything was processed and fast food.
If you’re caught up in the same cycle I was you got to start pre prepping food. I carry a backpack that is a cooler with me everywhere basically now. Its packed with water and chicken mostly but other sides as well. Doing this will help out so much because you can break the habit of eating garbage. Doing this and lifting is all you need and your body will tighten up. It takes time it took me over a year to get down to under 200lbs to start my first cycle. When I did start my first cycle though I had a headstart when it came to my diet. You don’t catch many people carrying 3 meals in a bag everywhere they go lol

Underground lineman, lots of walking, lots of pulling wire some times hundreds of ft. Some shovel digging, wearing FR clothing/rubber gloves and sleeves when working on live lines.

Oh dude for the past couple of months, ive damn near basically been on carnivore… minus the fact occasionally ill throw in veggies, or a little shredded cheese. Protein is main source of food intake… no bread, pasta, cake, rice, oats, potatoes… whivh im fine with… but if i dont see the scale budge… i dont get it… ive gotta be well in deficits. Also… no fried food… unless u call bacon fried lol.

Also water, black coffee, zero cal sports drink (powerade, Gatorade)

That’s interesting so everything that you are eating was living, killed, then cooked by you no processed meats.
I see bacon which I love bacon also but most bacon is processed with a huge amount of sodium.
The sport drinks sound good but there all loaded with sugars. Check out mio it has artificial sweetener but you can use less.
Any other processed foods or just bacon?

Another thing is that with just meat your body could just be carrying around alot of meat just stuck in your gut.
I hear people talk about probiotics but I would say to try and raise your fiber intake

Just bacon my dude… lean ground beef, chicken breasts, steak (ribeye or Ny strip usually)… i dont care for or crave fast food, i dont eat sammiches… so no need for deli meat

What about vegetables and fiber? Healthy fats? You need to get an understanding of healthy eating and balanced diet otherwise no matter what “supplements” or gear you take it aint gonna do shit bro. Diet is the single most important part of the equation and is why 90% people fail to make progress either gaining quality muscle or losing bf%.


@VanillaGorilla I would recommend reaching out to someone here or locally to assist you in a diet strategy that is tailored and specific for you.

Have you ever been tested for hypothyroidism? Ask your medical provider to run a full male hormone panel. Lab work provides some insight to what the bodies doing and provides a road map that you can work from.

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Or it could be a combination of many factors other than your working environment. Unseen or non-disclosed health related issues come to mind.

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I was trying to be as close to carnivore diet as possible, occasionally id eat broccoli or spinach

Talk to SemperFi. He’s the Keto master. Keto is the quickest fat loss method. If not I always had good results with espresso and yohimbine. 3 times a day. STAY AWAY FROM DNP

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Yeah man you should take @SemperFi’s advice and get some bloodwork done see what your thyroid is up to and never hurts to see how your overall health is either. I def advise going down the keto road for losing as much fat as possible in the quickest amount of time. I also urge you to add lots of fresh green vegetables and also a sugar free fiber supplement to your diet

Well i was concerned with the weigh in past few days… but i seem to have dropped 3.5lbs today didnt eat until bout 7:30pm none the less… hopefully i can keep it dropping off of high protein… working six 10 hour days right now keeping meh pretty busy.

Try to up your fiber intake or anything that will help you digest the meat.

It will eventually drop down it just takes time

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Looks like you are doing some intermittent fasting. Maybe not on purpose but if you are going long periods without food. Intermittent fasting is also a great weight loss tool.

BigMurph what about a colonic ?

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