Can I have the abdominal muscles in a short time and introduction

Can I have the abdominal muscles in a short time and introduction

How can I have the abdominal muscles in a short time


Welcome bud. Give a intro and tell us a little about yourself. Short answer no easy way. Abs are all about diet and fucking hard work. I’ve had a 4 pack for about 3 months. Diets on point and now adding more cardio. Was waking up at 5 to workout now I’m at 4 am to add enough cardio. So just like everything else no easy way. Eat right burn that fat tighten that skin and you will have abs.


Use a shake weight hanging upside down for 15 min.


Work hard. Nothing good or great comes with ease.

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Hello sir can you open new thread and introduce yourself so we can know you better please. Thank you.


Welcome to ugmuscle brother everything comes with time.
We would need stats and more about your background and what type of training program and diet you are training with?

Welcome aboard! To answer your question, you need to be lean and have decent ab development. Train hard, make sure you get lean enough. Only way to display the abs.

You have to get the body fat down. Eat 5 small meals with chicken breast, and mostly vegetables, a little steamed rice. Do cardio everyday. Work your abs every other day.

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