Can someone hit me with some knowledge in micro dosing

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Was wondering if someone could give me the micro dose info how they do it stuff like that.

Benefits pros cons

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I was looking for an essay type write up but a discussion is definitely a good place to start.

Yeah wasn’t sure. I guess someone can still write up an essay. And we can kind discuss in here


Sounds great to me

My questions are related to different compounds and the dosing schedules that people are using?
Im curious how everyone is spreading everything out and how many times a day. I know that I have seen members talk about inj 4x a day

Does 4x a day add more scar tissue.

I believe on the surface of the epidermis it probably does but internal I imagine that it actually is less scaring because the needle isn’t going 1" or 1.5" into the muscle.

You talking about injecting one compound 4 times a day or multiple?

Im curious about how the dosing schedule actually works. If you were running a cycle with 3 compounds would you inj 3x a day a small amount of each compound or would you actually inj all 3 compounds 3x a day in small amounts?

Ive been curious about which way its actually done?

I could see if you were running a short ester daily such as tren ace at high dosage where this would be neccessary. Due to spot rotation you’d eventually have to pin a muscle that couldn’t hold near that much and have to micro dose. But I don’t see why it be necessary everytime.

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I just run my TRT at 1.5 cc or 300 mg a week / at .30 iu on an 28 gauge insulin 1/2 needle, ED - just Monday through Friday. Weekends off. This keeps blood stable and I use less AI due to lower dose daily opposed to a spiked dose or full dose. That’s all I know about micro dosing. I would like to try to run some Deca this winter at 2 ml a week / .40 iu again only Monday through Friday to see how the results are, oppose to the full dose of 1 ml twice a week. Just food for thought. Also, I agree rotation is important left delt, left pec , right pec , right delt.

@Bigmurph @Mrbell87 - this is not an essay more like cliff notes!


Ok so now I’m running 900mg cyp a week 50mg ment daily and 400mg mastP
So I pin daily 6 days a week I take sundays off just to give my body a rest
.75cc cyp in am for no reason other than split it up
.66cc mastP before gym no particular reason
1cc ment before gym as a preworkout about an hour and I fucking feel it

Does this help any?


It’s not necessary I like it for more steady blood levels and I feel I get more bang for my buck. You can still pin short esters every other day and long esters 2 days. It’s just my preference now

I pin 3 locations on delts I pin lats I pin quads I pin triceps I pin biceps and sometimes calves. No I don’t believe in site injection I just use the different muscles for different locations. I also use a 27g pin for less scare tissue


Ive been thinking about if it was everyday or if there were break days. I see now that it is weekly dose split over 6 days. I can imagine especially when you were inj 7x a day it was alot.
I bet micro dosing makes people wanna use less compounds in there cycle lol that’s alot of injections.

What about the scar tissue that was asked about? Do you feel that it helps prevent scar tissue?
Curious also about how you rotate injection sites with that many injections?
I see now about the rotation.
3 sites is enough for the small amount of oil to dissipate?
Thanks brother

I personally feel the scar tissue is less. You’re injecting less oil for the body to breakdown hence I believe it’s easier for the body to utilize and that’s why your blood levels are more level (my opinion only no scientific proof)

I like using the rotation my shoulders have old
Scar tissue from injecting too much oil so I try not to inject too much in rear or side I go more the front. I also find for me I can hit spots more frequent like lats and especially quads


Makes since instead of pinning everyday your now pinning a small amount every few hours so I bet virtually no drop off.

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I’m only pinning each compound once a day though.

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So do you run all compounds within 3 day if short estered?

Are you participating in the member of the month brother?


@Bigmurph - just responded on the thread .

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