Can we all just take a minute/AJ Ellison 41 and puts young guys to shame, AJ Ellison,

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… to talk about how INSANE AJ Ellison is??? Every time I see the dude I’m more amazed. Fuckin 41 and shames most young guns. Dude is nuts!!!

Absolutely! He looks amazing to say the least!
Age is nothing but a number!

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Crazy!!! Give me 1/20 of his chest damnit.

:joy::joy::joy::joy:. He aesthetics are :100:

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Look at that man damn ripppped

Dude. Look at that chest. Lol


Holy fuck that’s ripped. Makes me hungry for the stage again. You guys and gals:) will be only ones know what show I pick.

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Bro he just fuckin won again at 41. 3x champ. Look at him.


absolutly. jacked.

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