Canada's "cheating the game" Part one

A two part series about an ex steroid dealer who was caught and decided to tell his story to a news outlet. It’s an interesting read in that it explains it all he describes selling to everyone firefighters, moms, sports stars and just about everyone from every class.

This is what everyone already knows that alot of individuals across the spectrum are using gear for there self image. I look at it in a way that this shows that if used correctly steroids can be a safe product. If they were so bad as many claim there would be an out cry like there is with the opioid epedemic that has taken grip of the western world. There is no such out cry though because steroid users are not dying in high numbers I don’t even think that there dying in low numbers. There are deaths attributed to steroid use and yes if you abuse and over use steroids you could suffer from cardio issues or from liver and kidney issues probably being the most common.

I still believe and time has shown that if used correctly without preexisting conditions you will not suffer from serious medical issues from using testosterone. Here is Cheating the game part two.

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