Canadian MMA/Kickboxing/ Juice/Diet ....and always winning!

Canadian MMA/Kickboxing/ Juice/Diet ....and always winning!

Glad to be on this forum. Always supporting health, performance, nutrition and winning in Canadian combat sports … I am an amateur athlete and happy to share success in : diet, juice, training, recovery, weight cut and crossing finish line wearing gold…


Welcome to the board


Thanks team! My objectives here are to “ pay forward” on the A-Z of signing your name to a fight card and crossing the line with gold

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Welcome aboard brotha :v:

Welcome, so the pay forward thing,

So your here to bestow knowledge to members about a fight card and crossing the finish line with a gold medal, but are you open to knowledge from others to pay forward


Absolutely want collaborative discussion. I’m not a preacher by any stretch

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Ok cool, I tend to read into things more then necessary, and I took it as you had all this stuff to give but didn’t care to learn much from others


How you been brotha? Haven’t seen you around lately

Hey McSwickles! How’s it going man!

Doing good as always - how bout you !!!

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Czworeczki how you doing man ? Welcome to the group

Welcome to UGMuscle

Thanks Low T !!!

Hi guys I wanted to start some collaborative discussion on diet, juicing up and coming down and diet and all things performance related to MMA … I’m not a preacher by any stretch so let’s get some discussion going.

Welcome to ugmuscle brother
If you would like to start a conversation just create another new topic. I made this post your introduction.

Were glad to have you around brother

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