Canelo withdraws from May 5th GGG rematch

Canelo withdraws from May 5th rematch with GGG.

After 2 failed drug test, testing positive for a banned substance (Clenbuterol) The Nevada State Athletic Commission temporarily suspended Canelo until a full investigation and hearing could be held.

Yesterday Alvarez withdrew from the May 5 rematch stating “he always has been and always will be a clean fighter.” I call bullshit. Also this is one of the few things about boxing that pisses me off. Not only do I feel that Canelo has been on PEDS for most of his career alot of fighters are and have been. This has been a problem in the sport for a very long time. If you want to compete and or stay relevant, you either start using PEDS or try to be a “clean” fighter and get beat. Plain and simple. Everyone if not currently at one time or another has used something to help give them an edge. Including GGG. The guy I’ve looked up to my whole life and try to model my boxing game after Floyd Mayweather has imo used PEDS as well. We all know he’s had hand problems and only fights in Las Vegas bc they don’t consider lidocaine a banned substance so that way he can inject his hands before the fight and not feel the pain during the fight. The problem with this in the sport is everyone claims they want to clean up the sport and only want to fight “clean fighters” yet nobody is truly “clean” it just a matter of not getting caught.

I was really looking forward to this rematch now it’s cancelled bc of this bs. Rant over!

(On a side note I do believe Canelo was going to not only lose this fight Golovkin was going to knock him out!)

The only fighter that is clean is Floyd maywheather.
I don’t know his personal information but from what I do know he doesn’t use any drugs alchol or anything he is big into natural products and training fucking ruthlessly

@Bigmurph the way he trains is unmatched and unparalleled by anything or anyone not just in boxing but by any athlete period.

Its the truth he spends 6 months in a place close to my heart and from what ive seen it impressed me very much

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