Capsule counts? thoughts

Right now we sell our capsules in counts of 30, we have been going back and forth on upping the count. What is your thoughts? would you like to see more in per pack or doesn’t it make a difference?

I think that would depend on the compound and the pricing. If it’s say Anavar at 50mg for example, I could buy 1 pack of 50 and just run it until it’s gone. That keeps shipments down for both parties involved and thus reduces risk.


It can really go both ways. Like berserker mentioned it does keep shipments down, but on the other hand with smaller count sacks you can tune your cycle in a little better with out having extras or not enough.


Thanks for the input. We’ve thought about implementing a per capsule ordering with a minimum of 30 of one type of capsule. So if you mapped out your planned cycle you could tweak the order to meet your exact needs ex. 40 of one 64 of another


That’s would be a great idea! I know a few other sources that do this that I had great success with in the past dialing in my oral counts.

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That’s a good idea. I’ve seen that a few times and it works awesome for guys that don’t like to keep a bunch of extra on hand.

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I personally prefer 50 or 100 pac orals


I’m with bigmurph on this one.
I prefer the 50-100 packs.
But not against per cap/tab either.

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I don’t think most realize how much easier it is to get busted on intent to distribute with pills, but then again I don’t think most care being that we are all taking risks regardless. With that being even given the risks, I do prefer 50-100 count.

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Thanks everyone for all the feedback!

Im a huge fan of varied capsule count. I’d like the different counts depending on what I am cycling.

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I personally would like to see higher counts. At least a month supply in each bottle. I guess it don’t really matter either way.

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Ever rethink or consider doing a larger count purchase?


We have bulk capsules counts of 400 on our site


Thank you. I’ll take a look.

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