CausKatz Show Prep Log

I though it might be good to start logging here. Toying with the idea of competing in maybe bikini or figure in 2022. I’m working with my coach again and has been absolutely making my life a ton easier.

Right now I’m digging into this cut. Check-in is tomorrow. Currently sitting at about 130.4 and slowly getting some lines back :laughing:

Daily macros are 120p/40f/130c
Hit glutes today, and 30 minutes on the treadmill.
I would go into more detail but it’s late and had a long ass week.


Look forward Sri following

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Excited to follow along

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Nice! Another potential UGM champion. Definitely following!



Bout time!


I’m following!! That’s awesome that you wanna compete! Keep up the good work “shotgun lady”!!!

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Following this, I used to love watching my wife get ready to compete

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Nice! Get it done!

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Good luck :slightly_smiling_face:

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I love this definitely following your log

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Ugmuscle backs you 100% and anyone looking to compete I really look forward to hearing about and possibly seeing pictures of there competition. We were lucky to just get some pictures from @Nlightened from his comps and it was amazing. We love helping and seeing members reach their goals.

Good luck and good gains sister


Very cool!


You’ll have a bunch of cheer leaders behind you!


Looking forward to following your log. Best of luck :+1:

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Excellent, you should compete I’d love to see that logged. Following sister.

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Cool beans guys!! Super excited to share this with you all.

Today is my “off” day. Spent the day over at my parents with the kids, got my mom so really cool orange flowers to she can plant at her new house.

I’m 4 weeks into my cut. Checked in at 130lbs this morning and super flat. New low weight, so I’m glad I’m dropping with only like 120mins of cardio a week. Down 1 lbs from last week.

I just have some ab work to do and I get 1 free meal for dinner. I’m trying to decide between pizza, subs or sushi.


I bet she loved them they sound really nice

Still cutting nice cant beat that just keep at it and your going to have no problem reaching the goals you have set.

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Too close to call…

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Awesome to have you here and for you to be competing!

I’d go for sushi. Always feel better about pigging out on sushi than pizza or subs.


Pizza and Sushi for desert!!


I second that @Rusty!

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