Cb4ds UKG TNE log

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Upon receipt of the aforementioned compound, I will begin this log. Considering the duration of it, I use it simply preworkout on my heavier training days: legs, back/ chest. I’m in the midst of redesigning my train routine so the number of times per week used will be at minimum 3. However, it is subject to increase but not decrease…reason being is that I am likely to initiate training legs 3 x week (currently twice weekly) I also train chest and back together 2 x weekly. For some it is an uncommon split, but it’s what I prefer and it works for me. I will be dosing from pin one 50mg as it is my sweet spot. Stay tuned boys and girls…results are coming to a theater near you!:wink:


Awesome!! Thank you for doing this and can’t wait to follow and hear your feedback. No doubt in my mind the quality will blow you away!!

If you can still edit your title you did a typo it’s “UKG” :wink:

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Got it! Thanks Fit!!!


I have some curious ppl… why did you choose this product?

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It’s simple really. I use it regularly! Why? Because this compound works QUICKLY! On my heavy Training days, i need to be able to put in heavy work. TNE provides a temporary boost of strength and energy. The pumps are unlike any other EXCEPT THOSE ACHIEVED FROM BASE ( TREN BASE PLUS TEST BASE(TNE). The vascularity i achieve is a thing of beauty. I also find the short duration of action to be a plus.


You need to try our spray also :wink:

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I will try it on my next order!


Cb4ds I like that better than calling you storm lol
I will be watching this thread im interested in your results and how tne works for females.
I believe that I can learn alot from this.


Pack landed yesterday.

I’m excited to put this to use. It has an almost milky coloring to it…
Will be pinning 50mg tomorrow pre-workout😎 stay tuned…



Nice im going to be watching this cycle log.

Ok boys and girls…I. I’m back from the gym. I pinned 50mg and was pumping iron roughly 20 minutes later. I trained back and chest. After my first warm up, I began sweating. Heart rate was up. I dug on in. I did not experience my “usual” insane pump. I did notice my veins surface. My arms did not feel like they were going to explode. I was focused on the task at hand instead of having to stop and massage my extremities. Before i knew it, an hour had already passed and i was sweating like a whore in church!

I need a photographer :joy:


I need a photographer :joy:

Lol I wanted to check out the quality of the toilets at your gym. Lol

Looking good as always girl get it.

:joy: you saw how I covered it up! :joy::joy::joy::joy: It’s a PF, you Know it’s luxurious :joy::joy::joy:

I want to know the deal with the double phone is. Other than that looking good . Is the tne water base?

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:joy::joy::joy::joy: I had 2 phone lines for several years because I can’t tolerate work related phone calls bogging me down. But now, one is basically for music, photos, apps and crap.
The TNE says it contains “pharmaceutical grade natural oil.” It’s very fluid…thin in comparison to other sources oils. Even the other items I ordered are not as viscous as I’m accustomed to seeing

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Thats the oil they use its top notch


Just wait til you pin. Smoothest oil ever. Thank you miglyol. And no pip from his products either.

Looking forward to seeing how you like. The sprays have me curious.

It was such a smooth pin!!! I was skeptical because I read that PIP from DHB was bad, but I couldn’t tell I pinned it. No pip whatsoever.!
I’m looking at placing another order soon! :wink:

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