Cellucor P6 Red Extreme G3 - 180

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Is it bad to take this kind of pills?

It certainly isn’t bad to take testosterone boosters but (if i remember correctly) if youre just now starting your fitness journey, i would recommend that you steer away from purchasing supplements for the time being.
Put that hard earned money into purchasing groceries.

It goes back to the DYEL saying, “eat big, get big.”

I’ve never been a huge advocate of supplements (other than some protein powder) but it’s your money and your choice.

I only ask if it is good or bad, I would like someone with experience to clarify the doubt.

Thank you very much for your opinion.

Post the actual ingredients in that test booster. I will be honest test boosters usually consist of tetribulus im not sure if I spelled that correctly but they’re all honestly a scam. The supplement industry was basically destroyed by the annabolic steroid act and then the pre and pro hormone add on. Anything that actually raises your test levels would be illegal. [email protected] kunt said its about food and diet. If you do want to take supplements go with a mix of a good bcaa creatine and some protien powder but I recommend actual protien food over powder the absorption rate of powder is around 20% on a quality product. The creatine will hold water in your muscles helping them heal faster and the bcaa branch chain amino acids are the building blocks. Its hard to find quality supps so just make sure that you do your research.
To answer your original question I would not use that product.
Good luck and good gains brother

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