Cheat meal before I go hunting

Almost time to kill, and every meal I eat before I hunt is what I call a cheatmeal because I cheat meal whenever the fuck I want so this is a drastic one, it’s also cold so my body is working harder to keep me warm, therefore I burn calories just sitting in a tree, and I can’t afford to do that. So over the course of the next hour I’m eating, 1 6in cheesesteak extra cheese, yogurt, Frosted Flakes, 1 banana and grapes, 1 bowl leftover ziti, and a few deviled eggs, lastly will be a protein shake inhaled as I walk out the door.I feel good today about whacking one,we got snow and ice comin tonight so hopefully they will be moving early to feed.


Good luck bro

Hell yeah brother

Go get em brother bring one home

Good luck buddy!

Didn’t see a fucking deer, just a fox but there pretty cool

What all do you like to hunt? You turkey hunt?

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Deer, pheasants, small game, fish

I don’t turkey hunt, don’t have a interest.

I hear ya! I love pheasant, I’ve never hunted it though.

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I don’t think they are the best tasting but there fun to hunt, especially with a dog

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