Chest not growing? Fix Your Posture

Hey guys, I wanted to share something that helped with chest growth and it was related to bad form starting with posture. Quick way to check right now if you need to fix your posture is by standing up and rest your hands at your sides, if your thumbs are facing inwards you have rolled forward shoulders, your thumbs should face straight forward.

Here is a good video on stretches and exercises you can do to fix it:


I’ve always found that a good posture and form while doing any exercise is key. Without doing the exercise properly you are just asking for injuries and also not getting the most out of every lift. You dont want to go to the gym and especially while using gear and start off with lifting improperly. I see this all the time but I used to talk to guys and say hey you should “” “” but they rarely lisned and sometimes acted like I was being a dick when I was just trying to help.
So now I just watch and sometimes laugh.
Good form is so important
Especially with flat bench because your going to end up hurting your shoulders badly.

Good post

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