China Coronavirus. Covid 19 Warning

Hey guys. On a more serious note, be careful catching the virus. Most of you are healthy enough to recover just like the flu.

A couple weeks ago I was pointing out the rumors in Italy and China from Doctors about a new COPD type lung damage showing in people that recover normally.

Figures showing now that 20% will start immediate issues with lung problems. And 9 out 12 having permanent lung damage. Its too early to see the long term effect but air sacs are similar to COPD and other lung diseases.

As I talked about before the second wave of this virus will put recovered patients at risk due to lung damage.

Even tho you can recover now, doesnt mean you wont be affected by this longterm. Same with your family members. It may look like the flu but the flu doesnt cause permenant lung damage the way this virus is meant too.

More will come out in news soon regarding whats already being known. Just be safe and if you have masks, use them. Dont care about looking stupid or if it matches your shirt or whatever. Wear a mask. They work both ways and will protect you from catching the virus as well.


Thanks for posting that @TG


Thanks for this bro.

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I like he said the way this virus is meant to in regards to lung damage


This is very scary! Thank you for the info.


Thanks for posting. I’m gonna show this to my wife. Maybe she’ll stop working. She works at a grocery store and she has severe asthma. She was hospitalized for 5 days in her 30s for asthma. I love she has a strong work ethic and sense of responsibility to her employer but now ain’t the time. I’ve been trying to get her to tap out til this blows over. Maybe this will help convince her.


To share with everyone here. I know the western media loves to say Masks don’t work. Bullshit. Here’s a study published from Maryland that shows an 80% compliance in a population wearing masks eliminated the influenza outbreak.

Wear masks people. Eastern countries know this and got these under control fast by forcing the public to wear masks when out. There are plenty available still in US from hardware places that are N95 level and above.


Again thanks @TG


Good read man , thanks

Short handed so I had to get out and carry, man it’s like a ghost town and people look at ya like your undead.


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