Clarification on rule 11 illegal copyright

So in an effort to be more engaged here at ugmuscle and giving member of the month a shot this month i have been unsuccessfully trying to post some articles I have been reading lately. I figures out how to convert some of the files to the right format, then I started thinking about the forum rules. I reread the rules and i’m not quite sure what is considered copyrighted material. I know I’m kind of an idiot. The article I’m looking at does have a copyright at the bottom so i’m assuming this is off limits. What kind of articles are fair game? I realize this is probably a dumb question but I’m not trying to get banned for doing some stupid @#$%. Thanks for the help.


It’s not a dumb question.


Murph will clarify

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Wait for @Bigmurph for the final but I’m pretty sure that as long as you note the person who wrote the article and you are not posting for monetary gain you can use. I know I’ve used articles on my website and just noted the author in the post and lawyer said it was ok


Thanks guys I’ll wait for @Bigmurph to weigh in. Appreciate the help.


I’m pretty sure that’s how it works. Just doing take off the water mark and pass Aling as your own. And what not

I’m a noob what’s the water mark?

Never mind I just googled it. There’s no way I could figure out how to do that ha ha.

I think the problem is an outdated phone and a piece of crap laptop. I’ll be able to get it done though.

Every creative expression is copyrighted from the moment it becomes fixed in a medium of expression (e.g., written down). The level of creativity required is minimal. Copyright does NOT require the use of the symbol or registration for the statute’s protections to apply.

If you own a copy of a copyrighted work, you are entitled to its “fair use.” One of the limits of fair use is you can’t use the work to make money.

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Oh ok that makes sense. I appreciate the help.

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This is an excellent question brother you are no idiot by far.

  1. There is to be no links posted on the site to illegal copyright sites or content. Any such links will be immediately erased and the possibility of banning that member who posts such content.

So at ugmuscle you can copy and paste but there are always inbedded links in articles and such these links can get you banned.

If you copy and paste you should always make sure that you paste and before posting you have the little computer in the right corner it will allow you to preview your post. To check for links and so on I also reccomend especially for the contest because you can copy and paste but you also need to write about what you pasted your understanding and opinion.

If I see multiple just copy and paste posts they won’t count unless accompanied by a write up by the member.

Copy and paste pieces possibly or post a link to the story or topic and then write about it this is truly what im looking for original posts.

As @Kad1 said if you post a link to a site that sells things or any type of affiliate link will be flagged. We should also stay away from posting links to other forums as a reference source.

Copyright material would be in my opinion copying material and posting word for word then claim that you wrote it yourself.
As long as this doesn’t happen you shouldn’t have a problem.
I personally like pubmed and other medical publications to be used as links to topics because then the links are definitely not bro science.

Thanks for asking brother if I didn’t answer your question please just let me know but I believe that you will understand.

Thanks @Trollus

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