CLEN cycle discussion

CLEN cycle discussion

always have people asking what i recommend for a clen cycle. wanted to post this as a resource and see what you guys had to say.
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2 weeks on 2 weeks off

From 40 to 100 :grin:

And @Paramexer clean is great lol


Thanks. I needed this


Moving this to discussion section for more visibility and its just discussion related thread.

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I’ve been running something similar but I go a tad bit higher.

This one is pretty common and the 12 week constant is becoming super popular, with tapered dosing up to 12 weeks, then off. I have even seen some do it longer than 12, but not sure about efficacy/tolerance.

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I’ve heard of a few but they taper constantly up and down. Personally my body gets use to it quick so once my hands stop shaking I add a little more.

Wife is on a 12 week taper and it’s amazing how many calories her watch logs when she tapers up every 2-3 weeks.

What watch does she use that tracks calories?

We have the Garmin Vivo Music 3’s and they are pretty accurate, if you fill out your profile accurately. Even tracks sleeping patterns, calories at sleep, etc.

I personally wouldn’t go above 80mcg of clen. Focus more on calorie deficit and energy expenditure. I would be shaking like a crack addict on that dose :wink:

Really I’ve been looking into getting a nice fit watch I’ll look into it.

Amazon has some really good deals with Garmin. Kids actually have them, as well, and they love them. Of course their friends are like…That’s not an Apple Watch, so what does it do :rofl: :joy:

I want something that monitors cal burned but I guess they all do that.

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