Clen increased appetite

Has anybody experienced this. Seems this go round with clen I’m feeling more hungry while using. It’s the same source as I used last cut literally same box and everything. I notice with the 5 on 2 off I don’t feeel as hungry on weekends

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You know Clen fucks me up. I’m so sweaty and cramp no matter what, and I eat the whole
Damn house… I just assumed metabolism increased so my body wanted more and more fuel.

My thougthts as well I guess cause I don’t get the stim effect off it appetite suppressant part goes amount the window as well bout to switch to optum on Wednesday and see if that changes it

His stuff is hella strong. If you’re taking T3 as well, that also made me super hungry. I ate all my food, and drank all my shakes at work by midnight. Was contemplating stealing patient food the rest of the night :joy::joy:


Well you know me but it’s not that bad on weekends when I’m t3 only

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I get very thirsty but not too hungry as of yet.
But have not used it for too long.
Can feel my finger joints get achy.

But time will tell. Every other day is was I was doing. Have stopped for now. But will start again soon.

Well last day of astra lean tomorrow starts optum will see if it’s different it may have to do with the night shift ghrelin doing it’s thing as wrll

I’m on days now was on nights. But been using OP clen. Will start back when I get back to nights. Four weeks.

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Took 160 today cause there was just one broken tablet of shit left. Better today but I wonder if what I have is underdosed. It’s either that or I just handle clen really well.

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