Clenbuterol dosage and diet

Ok so the wife has decided she wants to take Clenbuterol… a few of her friends have had success in losing weight with it… i was against it but i cant really stop her so i would like to know what is a proper dose and diet for her… she has a desk job and goes to the gym at least 5 days a week

I don’t know shit about clen, as I will never need it I think, but someone with more knowledge then me is gonna ask you for more personal stats about the wife, and what her current diet and exercise routine is like…

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Yea i know nothing about it and dont trust that her friends do either so i figure id ask here

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@KodiakGrrl should know about female usage.
That’s who I would ask.

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Hey bro… my wife runs it a few times per year … she is typically on a keto diet year round but does intermediate fasting when on clen, and couples that with morning fasted cardio.

She only does 4 weeks…about 125 lbs
W 1 20 mcg
W 2-3 40mcg
W 4 20mcg


Thanks for that bro

Can’t just ask a general diet for your wife nobody knows what she eats what health issues if any how does she lift what type of cardio does she do.

And Clen is the same for men and women it’s all depending on your tolerance and how good it really is. And I wouldn’t just run Clen straight through you need to cycle it every two weeks because your receptors won’t be as responsive. I do two weeks Clen two weeks fat burner.


Not so much asking for a diet plan but more so what type of diet works well with clen… shes healthy and she does about an hr cardio everyday with an hr of lifting she has good muscle tone she is not a petite girl…, if that helps

It’s going to be the same basic rule of thumb here, I would think. Figure out her total daily energy expenditure or do a BMR calculation and figure out where her “maintenance” calories are. Reduce those calories to a slight caloric deficit. You could start at 200 to 300 calories deficit and just see how her body reacts. High protein, moderate carbs, low fats.

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Simple enough thanks

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I don’t know shit bout clen, so I might as well gets me some education, with that being said @Stratfordave why does the last week have same mg as first week?

My experience with it has been some mild withdrawal symptoms… headache, lethargy, Etc…seems to help reduce when tiering off the last week.

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Makes sense, thanks.

How long before you/her run it again after week 4?

She will be off for at least 1-2 months …I tried it once and hated the “jittery” feeling … if you have any anxiety issues, I’d start a really low dosage to assess your tolerance level. But I know guys who run up to 100 mcgs for several weeks with no issues …that would kill me!

Unit of measure is micrograms not milligrams. If you take 20mg of Clen you might just die lol


Lol… you are correct sir


Lol I know prob a typo but didn’t want anyone doing 20-40mg instead lol. Could you imagine the day they would have lol


Your right

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@Stratfordave would you mind editing that post please. Milligrams of clen will almost definitely kill someone.

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