CNN complaining says this photo is doctored

CNN complaining says this photo is doctored


lmao he looks like a fat ass in a suit


I noticed that the other day actually he looks like the chef at the white house has been feeding him very well lol
He is a billionaire you would think that he would be immortal with all that money lol
He is just a coach potato I don’t believe that working out is part of his day.
God bless his beautiful wife she is a ride or die chick for sure lol


I don’t think anyone would claim he’s a fitness nut. He admits his favorite meal is McDonalds and a coke. Obama used to claim that and then we saw his “workout” in the gym was like a elementary school workout. Kids were stronger then he was lol


Lol I only ever saw him play basketball besides that I didn’t even know he worked out especially because he was supposedly a heavy smoker

That’s got to be the funniest picture I’ve ever seen of him lol
Looks like he is trying to push one out not lift 15lbs lol

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I mean, he did supply big macs for the white house dinner one time. Lol

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Did he really? Lol

Yup. It was when Clemson’s football team came. He did it up in the formal dining room with gilded candelabras. Lol


They actually loved it tho. The first time he did it was because the govt was shutdown and dining hall staff only had a few people. So he paid for a bunch of fast food.

Then later he did it again with some other team since the first one loved it so much.


Oh no doubt. I just think it’s funny that they got the dining hall so fancy to serve pizza and burgers. I wonder what the line cooks felt like when that order for 100 big macs came in.


That’s great, I love Big Mac meals

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