College football any other fans

my biggest sports fandom. Any other diehards on this site? I’ve travels to OK Cal Vt and other to see my fave team. Hopefully this season can go forward


Love my Badgers! Though they need to get over the hump and be able to stand with the Alabama’s out there.

Iowa Hawkeyes! I’ve been to a lot of B1G 10 Venues… Metro Dome, Camp Randall, Horse Shoe, trying time get up to TCF Bank sometime, and the BigHouse is def. a must! Hawkeyes used to be right there with Wisconsin, the last couple years have been hit or miss though…

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I got to play twice at camp Randall when we went to state for highschool. Was a great experience!

So big is represented here. I’m a dirty buckeye fan

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GO GATORS!!! :crocodile: :large_orange_diamond: :large_blue_diamond:

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