Coming off TRT and PCT recommendations

Coming off TRT and PCT recommendations

I plan to come off my TRT therapy. Any advice on if I should run. PCT? RX was 200mg test c 1per week, and 1/2 mil hcg 2x per week. Balls are a little smaller than normal but not raisin size. Any suggestions would be helpful.

What are you wanting grapefuit sized nuts or raisins? Not sure what your looking for are you going on a cycle or coming off all together ur dose is low enough just stop.

Ha ha who would pick raisins

I myself like walnut sized balls that way they are like a bean bag chair for my cock to chill on lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


If you’ve been on trt for very long I’m sure it’s not going to be easy.
What was your testosterone level before trt?
Reason for coming off?

I’d say the usual clomid and nolva is probably the best route

They make everything else look bigger!

I have been on TRT since 04/2018. My T levels were a staggering 297. 3 months later bloods had T levels over 1600. I was just thinking about giving it a break for a few months and then starting back up.

Why are you wanting to give it a beak and go back to 297 test levels. Assuming you started trt to combat that in the first place?

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Typically TRT patients do not take a break from the treatment.

If you were a cancer patient would you take a break in the middle of chemotherapy? I know poor analogy but you get my drift.

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So does shaving


Another alternative 4 guys trying to take a break from trt is to Simply cut back on dose. 1600 is a nice level but it wouldn’t hurt to drop down to 600 for a bit

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I agree with that as long as the individual feels ‘normal’ at that level. The negative psychological and physiological effects of low teaosterone can be worse than the physical. Most will be just fine at that level but you never know.

That was meant to be taken as dropping down to 600 instead of dropping down to 200 and torturing yourself with clomid for a few months.

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Could have just tried low dose clomiid from the start, would likely brought your levels to at least 600. Also why would you take a break from TRT? TRT is supposed to be a treatment to give you normal test levels? Also what does " 1/2 mil hcg " mean? If you stop trt your levels will likely drop to about a <5 for awhile, & eventually go back up to like 250 after about 6 month on clomid, good luck brother :ok_hand: if you have questions we’re here to help

anxiously waiting for the reason for the break


If you’re not seeing a doctor I reccomend contacting Dr O’connor and get his help and he will help you get everything running right again.
Great guy decent price and can be anywhere because everything can be done over telemed.

If you’re just going to do it yourself depending on how long you have been running straight.
You should definitely use
How long and how much depends on how long you have been running without coming off

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