Contest- Active Promoter, Mulitple Prizes. Winner chosen on August 30th

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This contest will be for the most active promoter to UGM.


It will use the email Invite system on your profile. The benefits of the email system is its essentially a 1 click signup. People invited must be active on the board at posting at least 10 times a week and logging in at least 4 days a week.

You must post in this thread to be considered for the promo contest.

##How to use it:
Go to your profile page. Click on the invite link. From the invite link you can enter a friends email or upload a CVS file even. You can write a custom message to the person. This will track your pending invitations and who signed up and who didnt as well as their activity.



Prizes maybe added and changed around. If enough people we will add more. Sponsors are allowed and encouraged to join.

  1. $100 gift card to ??? Will either be or TrueNutrition. Will make the determination soon.

  2. To be determined.


@TrenGod I contacted true nutrition and talked to the owner directly. Just waiting to hear back.

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I can fill that second prize. What do people want to see. Maybe a free mk677($45 value) or something


Wow awesome @QuantumPeptides_seth that’s an amazing product haven’t been on MK for over a year but got amazing results when I was on it.

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Easily our best seller. The mk677 is top notch to say the least. Even better no nasty research liquids anymore

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@Bigd35 @Kunt here you guys go. Contest info is above

@TrenGod @QuantumPeptides_seth @Bigmurph true nutrition has gift cards so we will be getting those for giveaways.

So many giveaways I just want a hoodie
I might go online and just buy from one of the print shops.

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