Contest Cycle Timing

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So I thought I would start a good thread to gain knowledge from some guys who compete @phd for example.

I’m not so interested about what’s compounds you use in a contest stack (but by all means feel free to add), but more about the timing of them. I know there are times you’re supposed to pull certain ones to give you the driest look on stage. So interested in what you stop when and what stuff you run all the way through shows day.

Now thinking as I type this it will probably make sense to go ahead and state what compounds you run from the beginning and when you pull them.

Sure there will be plenty of differing opinions so thought it would be good discussion.

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Caught my attention I will be reading the answers

Always interested in this topic, especially since just about everyone I speak to has a different answer. What I’ve gathered is that if you plan on competing it’s always smart to learn how your body responds to certain compounds first and foremost. I know guys who run Deca(typically a wet compound) all the way through to their show and come out dry and shredded. @rnmuscle I would love to hear your thoughts as you seem to have good knowledge on this.

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And a few others have stage experience In interested in everyone’s method
Maybe even Mr USA can give us some Insight

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Wow good question. Well every prep is different and so are most people’s protocals. For me I start prep with kind of a bulk stack. I use longer esters and even anadrol and dbol

Usually at the 6 week mark I switch over to all fast acting esters and I add in halo 4 weeks out. I keep GH in all the way to about 3 weeks out because GH can make you hold water.


Thanks for the reply man. And you keep the short esters and whatever orals you’re running (or do you just do halo?) in through show day?

Orals I’ll keep in shots I usually stop a week out. Don’t want lumps or knots from them on stage


That makes sense.

What’s your go to injectable/oral stack? I know I’m contradicting my first post haha but now I’m curious.

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Hahahaha that’s too secret bro Lol

All injectable
Dbol/adrol 16wks out drop after 6wks
Test prop 75mg ed 16wks taper off at the end
Mast prop 100mg ed taper towards the end
Tren ace 100mg ed taper towards the end
Close to contest 8wk out
Tbol 40mg split ed drop 2wk out
Var/winny injectable 25mg each ed drop 72 hrs out
Then diuretics and crash estrogen also everything else I don’tknow much about.



@Fitraver you’ve got self proclaimed gurus going to the grave with these secrets man, good luck getting top athletes to really tell you their protocols

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I was reading your comment and like what??? Lol no not even close lol

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Let’s see so last 6 weeks maybe tren ace mastron prop primo halo winny maybe something like that


See I know absolutely nothing about competition.
That’s why I’m so curious about it.
Lol smh wtf lol


Hahahaha too funny

I can tell you when to pull stuff for body building however, right now my current practical experience is focused on powerlifting and timing for the meets and integrating that into the cycle to peak properly … seems like it is just as much a pain as it is for bodybuilding :wink:

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