Contest sponsored by multiple srcs 5 to 20 vials

Contest sponsored by multiple srcs 5 to 20 vials

This is a contest being sponsored by multiple srcs that are verified here at

This contest will only have 1 winner unless the possibility of a tie.

Contest rules:
The member with the most invites sent and accepted. Meaning that the invite has to be sent through the invite option here on the site. Then the invites have to be accepted and the new members that you invited have to also write an introduction.

The vials won will be an assortment of different products from different srcs.
I will keep track of the numbers and if you invite 5 members and those members write 5 introductions. You will receive 5 vials. If you invite 20 members and 20 members write an introduction you will receive 20 vials.

This contest is open to any members even if they join during the competition. The Top number of vials that can be won is 20 vials but if I determine that a member went over 20 and I believe that this member deserves more i will make sure that the member receives more than 20 vials.

The winner is only required to post a picture of all the vials that they receive to show the sponsors who provided the winning products.

This contest will last 2wks so in 2wks invite and get the members you invite to write an introduction in the introduction category.

Starting date 9/25/2017 9am est
Ending date 10/9/2017 9am est

Once contest ends winner will be announced on 10/12/2017 so that I can confirm and add up the numbers that were invited and wrote introductions.

If there is a tie those 2 members will win 10 vials a piece and if the tie is 50 members invited with introductions written. Then they will split 50 vials meaning 25 vials a piece.

Staff unfortunately can not take place in this contest but reps are allowed.

If there are any questions about this contest post here and I will answer your questions. If you don’t know how to send an invite to someone write @Bigmurph a private message and he will let you know how.

I will be adding sponsor srcs names later today.

Lets get this contest started





how exactly do we send an invite?

Click your avi circle up top. You will see a sprocket, click that. The next screen the drop down box on the left open it you will see +invites click that then send the invites out to the email addresses you wish to invite. They will receive an email where they can join. Then they can write an introduction.

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Another way I wanted to share an invite is right at the bottom of any topic.
Where it says topic controls click that and you will see invite and you can invite someone with any email straight to that discussion or topic.

I’m in for a little membership drive.
Stoked that Sieg told me about this place

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I’ll try and get more people to join!

Nice now we have 2 contestants now its a contest

Its almost over and burr is in the lead. I can’t say how many but you can compete there is a chance for both of you to win still

There are only a few days left and there haven’t been many invites so if you can invite some of your buddies and have them write an introduction you can still definitely win free vials.

Im really surprised that no one except one member jumped into this contest. If you need to know how to invite someone just ask and you could invite a couple buddies and boom free vials! !!!

@UGMain you’re missing out on a chance to win upto 20 vials of gear

im still sending them out.
i have to be selective, i dont want to come off as a UGM shill.

With 2hrs left you are in the lead. I won’t give out by how much.

game over…

it is a liitle bit difficult to promote a forum on other forums and be tasteful about it.
nobody wants to be a shill.
whenever it is appropriate i will continue to suggest guys come checkout UGM

Well we appreciate the invites that you sent out.


I will hit you up you are the winner. Im surprised that more members didn’t participate. There will be more contests to come though.

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Why am I just seeing this :sob:, haha next time!

There will be more to come

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diamond was the source sponsor for the recent membership contest.
i won 2 vials of my choice, and i chose TNE as my prize.

it showed up nicely crashed. just like you’d expect for TNE.

pack was super secure and pretty stealthy for domestic.
I’ll post up pics shortly

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