Coronavirus and Europe

Coronavirus and Europe

Something interesting to see for you guys. After knowing that there was an issue with China (Russia closed its borders in January), the liberal Italian mayor of Florence along with Chinese government launched a “anti racist” campaign in February. In which the Chinese government sent females over to hold signs saying things like “Hug Me, I’m Chinese not a virus”. It was also used by Chinese government propaganda.

Now Italy is the epicenter of the outbreak in Europe. Remember these things when liberals are calling for open borders (like both sanders and biden are doing now during the issues).


That’s fucking stupid… and I don’t hug strangers anyways, or anybody for that matter.


I don’t even hug my wife lol. Sometimes she’ll force it but I’m not exactly a touchy feely kind of person.


I only hug my wife if there is penetration involved. We both get something out of it. She gets a hug and so do I. :joy:


Ha ha you guys are assholes


Wow, propaganda, look how it turned out for Italy, guess it turns out they were a virus…

And c’mon guys, give your wives hugs!!! I hug mine all the time, gives me a great opportunity to grab her ass!

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