Cortisol- does it really counteract?

So for a natural bodybuilder does cortisol kick in 45 to an HR? If so what is the point to continue if it counteracts on muscle building? Even if your on test only ,how does it counteract,if at all? How are you doing your workouts more than an HR because most I see are 1hr 30 minutes…? Or is cortisol all bullshit?


Good article on the subject.

Cortisol And Muscle-Building: Does It Even Matter?.


Cortisol is nessicary to an extent then its a killer

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Cortisol is a natural hormone in the body to help with inflammation.
When we workout we go hard this raising cortisol levels to really high amounts its really bad it stops helping with inflammation at that point and starts to attack the muscle.
Cortisol levels are one of the reasons that we take breaks between training sessions of each muscle group.
On cycle you can go harder but cortisol levels are one reason to take it easy or your body is going to be beaten to death over a couple years.

Be safe brothers and sisters


Thanks for sharing this info Murph.

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