Could not get rid of my acne

When I started taking compounds I knew very little. I used to think that if I took compounds on the same day every week I’m good, for example (m,w,f) it leaves two days for your blood levels to drop then you spike them again on Monday but eventually acne on my forehead became terrible. I ended up getting told that I was doing it all wrong and that my body doesn’t know what day of the week it is. When I thought about it made sense to me, so I made the switch to e3d and kept it the same ever since and acne went away slowly every thing stayed the same. Don’t really feel any different but I did notice my acne go away and I’ve done about 5 cycles now and haven’t had that issue any more and I believe that’s what helped the acne.

Not really that information but figured it might help some one planning a cycle or help someone who has acne issues.

Keeping your compound levels stable and your estrogen in range are 2 ways that help with acne so you aren’t on that hormone roller coaster.


Most definitely brother back then I had no idea that big spikes like that could cause so much to go wrong… now that I got a couple years under my belt everything goes smooth

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Most def agree @Bigmurph keeping your bloods stable as possible by sticking to a strict pinning regimet. Also keeping e2 in check will help as well. I have a little Acne on my shoulders and upper arms, but I believe that has to do with 1g test a week. Because 75% of the year I runt test low in the 300s and never have acne issues. You can also try face peels and acne control pads, I think the final step would be Accutane. Now i have never used it so I can’t give you hands on experience but a few buddies gave it a run and worked greatly imo. Downside though is it’s very toxic and can leave you fucked up. Here’s a MedMD article on it. I would really research it before taking the dive.

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Hey bud wondering about prestige pharma, are the legit or not

If there on here there good to go, if there not, then I’d say fuck em… and I’d tread carefully, watch what you ask, because we are not a market place, do your research see what and who is on here.

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@John thanks boss, I apologize. Btw I’m new to tech so I need a learning curve lol

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Trust me bro I suck at it to, I’m not into internet shit really… have you posted up a intro at all? It goes a long way…

Lol nope dont know how :roll_eyes: think I did

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Never heard of them if there interested in advertising have them contact me

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I’ve never heard of them, but a quick cross reference of other boards and there’s very little knowledge. That’s a huge red flag, they have a site, but there not on any source boards, plus there stuff looks expensive. Our sponsors are the best of they best, we are the only place to truly put our members before our sponsors and it shows in the quality of sponsors we have.

Thanks looks like I probably just got roasted, o well life’s the best education but tuition can be high!

Not for sure man, there not an established scam. Get a roidtest, test it. I just couldn’t find any info on them.

Thanks so much, glad I found you people, I have an extremely labor intensive career so it’s hard to build muscle spend time with family and keep up with aging body, I’m 6,1 222 20% bf. Not looking for a beach body here lol. Just think I want to run deca, and up my test e for a boost, thoughts?

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