Couterfieting steroids in Canada

I wanted to let our Canadian brothers and sisters know about Chrome Pharmaceuticals. This lab claims to be affiliated and associated with Newport pharma they also claim that they’re a affiliate or associate of Newport pharma. The labels they are using are counterfeit and printed almost perfect but the reality is Chrome is run by two recreational drug dealers. Who have been said to be involved with anything that makes them money and that usually means that this lab is not safe to use and they most likely have no experience brewing and this is a dangerous situation.I would be cautious if you come across this lab.

Its always better to use a verified sponsor then to use a shady counterfeit operation. That could be involved with really bad drugs and could be also using those other drugs themselves and are funding there habit by counterfeiting known labs to make a profit.
This is a common practice by operations that are not good enough to make there own products well known because there garbage.

The two individuals running this are making claims that Chrome is the better version that its 3 times stronger than Newport pharma. Gear is dosed to a certain mg/ml so if a lab starts to claim that there gear is stronger than another lab that’s supposed to be the same dose and also the same lab. It goes without saying that there full of sh*t. Chrome should be avoided at all costs for this reason and many more. Counterfeit gear is always a problem and can be fake or a completely different compound than what is actually on the label.
This is just something that I wanted to put out there to let everyone know about it to try and keep people from getting scammed or worse.

I don’t know much about Newport pharma’s quality that there counterfeiting. I do know that many labs such as accordo rx, Newport pharma and others that are in Canada are being counterfeited because there was just a recent bust that showed purple panda and accordo rx labels in a ugl lab that wasn’t affiliated with the original companies.

Always stick with a verified sponsor or atleast to be safe only the original company unless that company has a list of official resellers of there lab.

Good luck and good gains brothers and sisters from Canada.

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