***** Crazy sale. Aurum RX (USA dom only) oils buy 3 get 1 FREE! *****

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All Aurum RX oils buy 3 get 1 FREE!

Minimum order $100.

This deal is valid until Friday the 8th.

[email protected]


The Aurum line is awesome guys. I pulled booods on 600 of the test c just a few weeks ago. Here they are:

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domestic usa on sale too?

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Looks good, guess I will have to order and try it out.

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Yes. Aurum RX is only domestic shipping.

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is there a price list around here?

ukgear.ws @Burrr

thanks fit,
Forgot these guys had a good website. $100 minimum and domestic. And I need some HCG right now. I think I better try these guys out

I tried to order HCG and get an error saying that the minimum qty to order is 100? Order total exceeds $100?

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I would just email your order to [email protected] if you’re comfortable doing it that way vs the site. He will take care of you.

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did any hcg show up with that?

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Not yet. i hope next week.

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Do I mention your handle, just wondering about what the relationship is. Also, do you have any feedback on the primo, both Ace and ena. Great prices. Can I do solberg and arum, it’ll just come 2 different packs?

Fit is the official rep for ukg

Yes hats correct bro. It wouldn’t be two different shipments. One domestic for aurum and one international for solberg. I cannot comment on the primo, as I have not had the pleasure of running it yet. I’m sure you would love it tho! You can give me your feedback :wink: it’s def on my list!

Feel free to say fit sent you in your email if you want!

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