Cryptocurrency help a brother out

Does coinbase work for stuff? Just downloaded it hoping all bitcoin is the same… wow that sounds stupid out loud but gotta ask

Bitcoin is bitcoin brother.

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Check out the cryptocurrency section it can help you set up. I use coinbase and blockchain.

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Bitcoin is the type of currency. Blockchain or Coinbase as @McSwickles said are the easiest. Blockchain you can deposit in ATM if one is near you (fees vary quite a bit from one to the next).

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@all yall thanks soooooo much I’ve learned a ton from u guys and skipped slot of trial and error

I use blockchain as my wallet, you can’t purchase bitcoin with blockchain, I use it to store bitcoin and transfer bitcoin. There are several good sites to buy bitcoin, coinbase is arguably the easiest, but there’s other good ones. Fuck I think you can pop cash in a coinstar now.

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Yea they have coinstsr ones setup now, which is clutch, but unfortunately it’s not all of em so you’d have to search to see which ones do BTC. I tried it a couple times with no issues, easy , but rates are a lil high , guess you pay for convenience in my eyes

I’m gonna have to try that, I have to put money on a prepaid card every time, my bank/debit card declines it if I try to use it. Fuckers.


Yea mine gets declined as well, but right after the transaction my bank will text me to see if I was making a purchase, I reply yes, and 2 mins later it’s good to go



I use cashapp. It has a bitcoin. Send an receive and my bank card never denies it.


Thanks again

So I can purchase through coinbase? It’s that like a wallet?

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Yeah man, whatever I purchase on coinbase I can send to the receivers wallet. No other wallets needed.

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Heres the problem with coinbase. Its good if your only making a direct purchase and sending. Not holding anything. But keep in mind its all traceable thru coinbase or any exchange.

The best situation is always purchase with them, send to a wallet, then send for purchase.

I just got contacted this morning about someone getting all their funds siezed using localbitcoins as their wallet.

Exchanges and wallets are two completely different things and security on both are different. If your personal data is tied into an exchange you never want that going directly to a purchase.


10 4 boss, sorry for not being up on tech bear with me

Btc or bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency

Then you have multiple other cryptocurrencies that have forked off of btc like bitcoin cash which is a completely different cryptocurrency.
Just stick with BTC or bitcoin

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