Cutting/bulking cycle introduction

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Looking to do a cutting cycle using tren a. I was Thinking of doing an 8 week stacking it with sustanol and winstrol- any advice ?

Hey brother were going to need alot more information then that
Throw up a bit about yourself so that we can help you out

I don’t reccomend what you are proposing

Welcome to ugmuscle though glad to have you around brother


Welcome sir like Bigmurph said we need more info about you :muscle:


Welcome man! Throw up an intro and lil bit about yourself and we would love to help you with put a stack together. From what you proposed using sustanon during a cut is counter productive, most hold water on Sust so you really won’t see any progress, but everyone is different. I would recommend test prop or even test c or e with good clean diet. Also what dosage you plan on running with Tren? Is this your first Tren run?


Thanks man. Did a little more research and was thinking the same thing. I’ve cycled before but been off about a year. I am 36, 5’10, 225, 34” waiste- diet is pretty on point. I meal prep everything. I was curious on the best test to use with tren a and winstrol. I was planning on 1cc test, 1cc tren every other day with 10-30mg winstrol daily. Thoughts?

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Yea man that’s a pretty basic solid cut stack, I would personally run test prop with Tren a. For my first run at Tren I would keep it moderate say 200-300 week, you should see amazing results. Test you can run same as Tren or lower if your truly trying to cut, I wouldn’t put my test higher then Tren. Make sure you have ai on hand and either caber or prami for prolactin, if you keep your estro in check you shouldn’t really have any prolactin issues.

Flash Labs has a blend that’s super convenient for cutting called The Flash Blend. Each ml contains:
100mg Test Cyp,
100mg Masteron Enan,
100mg Tren Enan

I’d take 1cc twice a week.
Winstrol cuts me super fast but I save it for when I’m already very lean because I only like to run an oral for 2 months maximum.

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I’m not a fan of masteron, had it from a few different pharms and it always leaves a knot or is extremely soar after injection

thanks man. I get all that except the prolactin thing. Can I get some more info about that

Oral winstrol was the plan

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IM currently eating a 3000kcal diet- 50% pro, 45% cho, 15% fat - mostly chicken, rice and veggies
Workout 5 days a week - currently doing superset workout. Cardio 3 days a week plus I ride my bike about 5 miles a day.
Currently 220-225 lbs - 21% bf
Not concerned about my weight but would like to cut and be around 14% bf
I have tren a and doc prescribed test c

this is not written by me
Very detailed info though that’s useful

Prolactin support


Caber will lower both progesterone and will inhibit prolactin/lactation. It?s a dopamine agonist means it wont allow your body to lactate since it will occupy your dopamine receptors which are responsible for lactation. Caber is the perfect prolactin support when running any 19nor imo since the side effects are minimal, no drowsiness, doest affect sleeping patterns and in general as far as dosing goes is far more flexible than pramipexole or bromo. Also there is no withdrawl when ceasing use of caber like with pramipexole

Caber is a regognised ed med, it reduces downtime (not to be confused with multiple orgasm) so if you need 24h recovery between sessions two weeks after taking caber you will see a significant decrease in downtime you will need 12-16h to be ready for the next session, if you need 2h you will need 1h with caber etc

Also its known for the multiple orgasm effect, so when you ejaculate you will feel as if you are releasing two or three loads at the same time. This needs some input for the user though its not instant, the more you hold it in the more orgasms you will have in the end. Also without caber say you are having sex and you let some cum slip through you got a big chance to loose your hardon, with caber even if you let quite a bit slip through your hardon will become stronger and stronger and your climax will be insane. In this sense you can actually have 4-5 small orgasms coupled with a huge orgasm in the end that will feel as two more orgasms put together. Again it needs practice and self control from the user

Common dose on cycle: 0.25-0.50mg e3d
Common does to stop lactation: 1-1.5mg e3-5d


Prami like caber will decrease progesterone and will inhibit prolactin/lactation. It?s a dopamine agonist like caber so it will occupy dopamine receptors which are responsible for lactation

Like said before on a few threads prami is a very peculiar drug! You need to taper up really slowly to get to the desired dose and also taper down really slowly to avoid the mild withdrawal effect it will cause. Prami is an addictive substance I wouldn?t recommend it for any cycle over 8 weeks the more you use it the harder it will be to come off it, also you will find you will want to increase the dose to maintain the ed effect. Prami?s ed effect is nowhere near as good as Caber. It does reduce downtime like caber does but that?s about it there is not enhancement in your orgasm or your libido contrary to caber. Only advantage of prami over caber is that if taken at the right time (2-3h) before bedtime it can work as good as a benzo to knock you out to sleep. Which when running tren is a bonus. If however you dose it wrong (unwillingly ofc) say 30-1h before bed time you will find that after 2-3h of sleep you will be wide awake and probably sweating since the dopamine you suppressed 4h ago rebounds and you feel as if you just had a hit of coke in your sleep, not a good feeling. Also every time you up the dose it takes some adjusting even if you are used to the substance. I found that overtime I would up the dose for the first few nights I would sleep very light almost like sleeping awake that?s how it felt.

Sleep sides like vivid dreams and waking up mid night can be avoided by taking prami at the right time so you got to experiment with this (the earlier you take it the better). Make sure you never take prami in the morning or too early in the evening you are going to feel drained, dizzy, nauseous and like a zombie all you will think its when the time comes to go to sleep

The worst part with prami starts when you quit, for the first few days after you quit, you will wake up in your sleep many times as if you were quitting cigarettes or weed even, then you will have the lightest sleep ever as if you were sleeping with your eyes open and the dreams will be negative and intense. Basically you get all the prami sides you had earlier only they cant be avoided since you don?t take prami anymore. This will subside completely after 5-7days

Common dose on cycle: taper up from 0.125mg to 0.25mg-0.50mg (the high dose only if you are stacking two 19nors or high dose of tren). After you are done with your cycle taper down even slower from 0.50mg to 0.125mg and stay one week on each increment then quit. No matter what you do expect some discomfort the first 3-5 days after you quit

Dose to stop lactation: You would probably need 1-2mg per day to stop lactation but I wouldn?t recommend it, it would take ages to rump up to that dose, if you are already lactating use caber worse thing that could happen when jumping to a high dose of caber would be to get a flush face that lasts 12-14h (annoying but much better than puking your guts of for hours)

Bromo is part of the lsd family so that put me off trying it I am sure is an effective drug for prolactin support but since I haven?t tried it wont comment. Toremifene I haven?t tried as well so wont comment on that.


I’m currently on a cutting cycle with tren ace. I run keto diet so I don’t hold water as much, but have been doing it for awhile so I’m use to it by now.
I’m running tren ace, test prop, and mast prop at 315. Probably will go up to 350 soon.

Just started anavar at 20mg in the morning 20mg roughly 10 to 12 hours later. Try to get it in just a little past the 8 hr half life.
I also run prami every night dosed at .125 be very careful can Jack you up if you rush it. I had to start a little lower because it tore my stomach up. Found if I take it and just go to bed I can avoid the sides.
I also run clenbuterol 2 weeks on 2 weeks off starting on 20 mcg and working my way up.

I have been getting extremely great results. With that being said this is no beginning cycle.some may disagree but at least be use to a few cycles before TREN.
Tren sides I’ve experienced nightsweats, horny all the time like I can look at a tree and convince myself its sexy. Plus, cardio is shot your like a fat man on a treadmill, but its necessary for cutting. I tend to do cardio everyday. The hardest part is getting use to shooting up everyday. Make sure you can hit multiple spots. I have 10 spots now may add 2 more. Everyday is best to keep blood level right and sides right. Now I don’t know about winstrol didn’t want to deal with the possible cramping since I work in the heat and sweat all day. That is why I’m running anavar. I’ll let you know if it’s worth it or not. I do feel a slight pump but nothing extreme yet.

I hope this info helps. Make a wise decision if your fine being in a easy bake oven all day then tren is bearable. But others do get worse sides.

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Also, welcome to the forum. I’m not the most knowledgeable but I have a few experiments under my belt.

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3000 kcal Is your calorie deficit ?

3000 is the amount of calories I am consuming a day

I know that :slight_smile:
You know right when you cut you have to be on deficit ( caloric minus ) , why im asking :muscle: :upside_down_face:


That’s what I diet on too. Guys with a fast metabolism need 3,000. I also do very low dietary fat when cutting.
Your diet looks just like mine when I cut.
Workout plan sounds good.
The Tren Ace and your TRT alone should help you drop body fat consistently on your regiment.


I was eating 4500-5000 cal with
Little cardio before.

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