Cutting up with COVID-19

I just did my home chest workout. I took 30mg cialis and 25mg tbol preworkout, then post workout, 75mg sustanon, 45mg deca, 40mg tren enan, and 40mg masteron enan. I’ll take this injection 3x/wk.

  • 7 sets wide grip pushups
  • 3 sets lower cable flies pulling upward for upper chest

I started my cut diet this week. Just had a whey/oat shake. In two hours I’ll have 8oz eye of round steak and 2 cups white rice.


30mg Cialis really helps you out with pump and nitrogen retention? I tried it a few times but I think only either 10 or 20mg Cialis, I might want to give it another try perhaps


Most guys do a lower dose but I’ve been using it for 6 years non stop and have developed a tolerance. DO NOT use it daily like me or eventually your wiener will rely on it too. Haha :laughing:
It definitely gives me a killer pump!


What else does that cut diet consist of? Also, what kinda work do you do? I dont know if I can do the basic cut diet cuz I need the carbs and calories for my physically demanding job. I do dig the cialis gig though.

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I’m winging the diet.
Basically I’m going for small meals every couple hours. 350 calories 6-8 times a day.
I’ll have chicken breast, lean beef, egg whites, ground turkey breast, Greek yogurt, Fat free lactose free milk, rice, sour dough toast,

High protein, low fat, moderate carbs.
I sit on my ass all day for my job. If I did a physically demanding job I’d have to up the fats or carbs. I don’t like to have both fats and carbs in the same meal. They’re both energy sources so one per meal is enough.
The idea is to get the metabolism real fast so I’m starving every couple hours.


Yeah I wish I could get my diet dialed in. I try the basic fish, chicken, broccoli cauliflower and then I’ll go off the grid and get fuckin taco bell. Believe it or not I feel better after that garbage meal over my healthy shit.

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I know what you mean. I’m kind of forced to do this diet because my blood pressure has been real bad. I started taking 3 types of bp meds and they haven’t done shit. After starting this diet this week my bp is the best it’s been in years. A couple months ago it was 193/132. I figure if I don’t do this I’ll end up dead or mentally retarded from a stroke. Today it was 141/93 which is great for me. Hopefully I can get it lower.


Yeah I feel that. Mine has been wacky too. Since I started pinnin again it’s been high. Lately since I’ve dosed back my headaches are gone and I don’t feel “outa whack” bro that’s high af. You have bad headaches from that, and feel “off”?

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I’m gonna follow your diet if you plan on posting it here daily. I may have to tweak the carbs and fats though cuz of my job. I gotta get this damn thing dialed in though

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I never get headaches or any symptoms.
My whole family has high bp.
My body just doesn’t like being big. If I drop from 240 to 210 I’m hoping things will be a lot better.

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You have to do what you have to do for your job. Just do your best.

I’m at the point even in non cutting I’m chicken breast and veggies for most meals easy and I like. Now I throw reeces cups in there from time to time

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Yeah the sweets is another story. Wife and I are ganja smokers and I tend to go overboard in the munchie department on a weekend night. You can’t really call what I do a ‘cheat meal’ more like a shit show


That’s awesome! Do you find your energy is higher now that you’re used to the diet?

When I get super lean I have one huge gorge meal per week. It’s a ridiculous amount of calories. Then I go crap it all out. Haha

Post what you’re eating bro. Ima try to follow some of that

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That’s perfect man , I try to eat every 3 hrs. to keep my body in an anabolic state. Been doing this for years now

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Anabolic or metabolic?

Anabolic state, the state of growing, what you don’t want is to get to a catabolic state , that’s when malnutrition kicks in and starts eating away at muscle


I know my diet was great for almost a year, I lost 75lbs, but being out of work, and stuck home, I slipped for a week, man talk about feeling like trash, it’s amazing what a difference your diet makes. I got back on track last week and this week and I feel like a new man!

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