Cycle log, please follow and ask questions

Cycle log, please follow and ask questions

Hey guys, I’m starting a log, first one I have ever logged
I’m 5’4” 168 body fat probably a bit high 15%.
I goto the gym in the morning for fasted cardio and back in the afternoon to train.
Im 43 years old. I have a good source for my supplements, some pharm stuff.
I do have a coach but not naming him yet.

My cycle is
Week 1 Mast p 50mg eod
Week 2 mast p 75mg eod
Week 3-7 mast p 100 eod
Week 8 mast p 50 eod

Week 1 test p 50 eod
Week 2 test p 100 eod
Week 3 test p 150 eod
Week 4-9 test p 200 eod
Week 10 test p 100 eod

Week 1 15mg ed
Week 2 20mg ed
Week 3-9 30mg ed
Week 10 15mg

Meal 1 2 cups egg whites with cup of oats

Meal 2 cup rice 8 oz chicken

Pre workout waxymaze 40 grams protien drink
Intra workout waxymaze bcaa, eaa
Post bcaa waxymaze

Meal 3 8oz red meat 1 cup rice

Meal 4 2 cups egg whites and cup of oats


Im glad to see you running a log and I will be following. I moved it to the correct category for you.
Just curious are you running a sponsors gear or a non sponsor?
If a non sponsor hit me up maybe we can get them verified.

Why are you running the mast like that?

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they way the coach likes it to taper up and down to ease body into it,
thank you for moving it to correct place!!!
not sure if sponsor here, will check

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Which sponsor did you use?
Yeah I put it in the right category for you.

i dont believe the company i used is a sponsor but thank you!!!

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if any company would be willing to sponsor im opening to talk

just did a chest workout
incline bar
incline dumbbells
pec deck
incline flys
3 sets 8-12 reps

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yesterday I did lats
dead lift
lat pull downs
pull overs cable machine
row machine
t bar rows
today arms
bent over dumbbell rows

My wife and I have noticed everytime my weight goes up even alittle when Im this heavy i snore and breath very heavy. anyone else like this?


That is a typical side effect of steroid use and/or weight gain. Sleep apnea is common even in TRT patients.

Ask your spouse to monitor your sleeping and see if you stop breathing or gasp for breaths. Thats a sure sign of sleep apnea. If you have it get a sleep study done. Proper sleep is CRITICAL to growth and recovery.

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I try to sleep on my back to prevent this it happens I believe from the extra water weight

in wrestled in high school at 109 pounds, I have always had a small frame, till I really started working out and using supplements. the heaviest I have ever been was 180 and yes i woke up alot gasping for air, it was rough, right now i just snore but if i get heavier again it will start again.

Its the beginning stages of sleep apnea if you continue to grow larger than your frame can hold you will need a cpap machine

You aren’t getting the REM sleep your body and brain needs. Corrective measures are your only option.

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friday was arms day, yesterday was rest day, today is shoulders, diet changing soon to add more, will update when it changes

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yesterday was leg day which i love, so sore this morning, today back to chest, went from 168 to 165, talked to my couch and i was told to add 2 oz of carbs to every meal

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Getting to add food is always a good feeling.

yes just wish is was cookies…lol

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