Cycle preparation (lowering cholesterol)

Hello all I want to make a log on how I am lowering my cholesterol in preparation for my next cycle. I am learning that my body packs on cholesterol when cycling. Next time I need to be real careful what I eat. Now I have to get things in balance before I start my next one or else @NeuroRN and @Dmomuchole and @JB_rD81 and many other are threatening to kick my ass then have a barbecue in front of me of things I cannot eat right now!!!

So my cholesterol LDL is at 242. HDL is good cholesterol but very low at 29. I have had much good advice on how to tackle this I will post shortly. Others please chime in and give ideas as well as things that have worked for you. For now I need to grill some Tuna bellies and collars high in fish fats which will raise my HDL to help fight my LDL


We may just BBQ you if you go back on cycle lol

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Ok so I have some time before the grill is ready all self respecting Wisconsinites grill with charcoal. Hahaha

I was told to take 2 CQ10 pills per day (don’t cheap out on these a lot of products contain fillers and not the true amount of supplement stated).

2 garlic pills per day

2 fish oil pills per day

No red meat, chicken skin, butter, dairy, egg yolks or any thing high in saturated fat or trans fats.

Pomegranate juice has 5 times more cholesterol destroying properties than red wine. So 8ounces of that per day.

Need elevated heart rate. Not necessarily cardio to the point you cannot talk. But to the point where it’s hard to hold a long conversation (per my doctor)


We’ll good sex sounds like it would qualify as cardio, maybe you just need to do more of that haha

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Hahahaha. Ya I lose my breath doing that quite often. Old lady likes hard and fast. Good ab work out also.

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Yeah a good ten minutes of that and I’m whooped. Sexercise is all the cardio I need. All jokes aside I’m glad you got your blood work done and your taking it seriously, that’s a big part of being member of the month.

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Smoking raises cholesterol a chemical called Acrolein is produced from burning plants and raises LDL

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Nip it at the bud as Neuro would say👍

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Alcohol In excess will increase LDL

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Alternative workout today. Had little time to hit the gym but wanted to get heart rate elevated and still workout as to not lose my gains.

All machines.

Bicep curls tricep push downs alternating 60% normal weight. 3x20 each morning rest in between sets.

Rest one minute

Lateral shoulder raises and bench machine alternating 60% normal weight 3x20 no rest between sets. Weight got to much on bench lowered 10 pounds at a time until set complete.

Rest one minute

Reverse flys and pec flys and back extensions and ab machine alternating. 60% weight 3x20 no rest between sets

Rest one minute

Cable machine tricep curls and trap pull-ups 60 percent weight 3X20 no rest between sets

Then had to get son from football.

600 total reps in 35 minutes.

Heart rate was up good for at least 25 minutes.
And got a hell of a pump!!!

Do you think this is a good way to combine cardio and lifting to get a good workout and not compromise the heart health @NeuroRN

@Rusty, wisconsinites must be from Iowa, because Charcoal is the only way to grill anything here too, and the Badgers AD was a Hawkeye first, so there’s that as well! Secondly, fiber is your friend! Oatmeal, broccoli, Cheerios, etc, those will all help as well. My wife has high cholesterol, I have to help her monitor what she eats, otherwise every year her doc threatens to put her on meds. OMEGA’s will help as well

My wife just made some kick ass cookies that are good for cholesterol they have applesauce and raisins in them. Also I read dark chocolate is good.

I take Metamucil every night now. I also started eating Cheerios this morning Hahaha

Oh and we invented charcoal.

Oatmeal every day. Flaxseed oil. Get that HDL up. Then you’ll be good. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I like lump post oak over briquettes… on a side note, I’m so desperate for football, I’m watching the fucking chiefs…

I like the Texans. They have a lot of former Saints players. Huge Saints fan here. Yeah I’m watching football. I played it for years. Coached for years. I could give two shits what they do before or after the game. I love football. Going to watch it. :kissing_heart:

I’m with you on that.

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I also played and coached. But for some reason am with @JB_rD81. Chiefs and Texans don’t mean much to me. Hell they aren’t even in the NFC.

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Would be a lot cooler if they were still the Oilers and Jerry Glanville was still their coach, haha. I went and watched the Chiefs and the Broncos play in 87 or 88 in KC, was kind of cool to see Elway play. I’m just not a huge fan of NFL, I like college. Unfortunately, I have to sink to a new low this weekend and cheer for the Cyclones, because Iowa isn’t playing. Damnit

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Cheer for the packers!!!

Negative, I was a Redskins fan when I was younger, some day when that fuck stick Snyder is gone, I’ll start watching them again… unfortunately they won’t be the skins an more, absolutely disgraceful!

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