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Running @Iron_Junkie_Labs
Eq 300mg x2 a week
Test e 150mg x2 a week
Superdrol 20mg a day

The drol is fantastic
Gear is super smooth
Little pip nothing a hot chick cant massage out
I’ll be running this 16 weeks to 20 weeks

Eat 5 times a day 3500 to 4000 calories plus super mass gainer 1900 calories I just can’t stop eating…


Nice cycle!
I’m running 600mg eq as well! (only week five now)

How long have you been running superdrol for?

It sounds solid do you have liver protection that Superdrol is some nasty stuff on your liver and kidneys

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Great to hear you loving our gear brother. Keeping yall happy with good gear and great gains is what we aim for :ok_hand:

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I’m using golden milk thistle and some shit called shield… gunna run the drol for three weeks only. I’m only on day three… but it’s solid


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Does it work or just give you the shits
Serious question

I break it up in two shakes. One for breakfast and then one after workout. Bad gas like smelly gas. But no runny shits…

I can’t always finish the shake either… fills my stomach up fast.

Nice I don’t use powder because it always fucks up my gut

The drol works better than pre workout… I love it. Makes me hungry thirsty, and well!!! Starting to feel hot flashes at night… definitely cant get enough water… or girls…

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Omg I tried a 25g this morning took like 5 min to push 2units in my shoulder… never again… never… it’s been a week Feel great. The drol is working.

Just had blood work taken as well I’ll have more done in November. I’ll post

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keep us posted!

I would really like to see your blood work

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Post it on up brother! :+1:

So I’m starting week 2

600eq and 300test e with 20mg drol

I’m up about 5 lbs fluctuates. Good clean oils maybe pip for a day depends how hard I push it. I tend to push a little harder with my dominant hand. I have bad nerve damage from the army in both hands. Tends to be a problem when injecting. I can already see some bulking in the shoulders and chest. Definitely tell the drol works. Half way through my work out I get his intense rage to wanna destroy the weights.hulk smash Lol. Blood work will be up in November when I go to the doctor. I’ll have more done when I’m there. I’ve increased my water intake. And calorie intake from 3 to 4 k a day to 5 to 6k. Slightly transitioning will increase more an more.


Great update bro! Cant wait to see your end results!

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I can def tell th bold cyp is working. I’m up to 192 on my third week… it feels great the gear is nice an solid.


Glad to hear your making the gains you want brother, good on ya! :+1::muscle:

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