Dallas autopsy report and detective report

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Would you ever have guessed his test numbers would have been in the normal range?

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Yea he could have been on a cruise or could have been using short ester test.

My guess is he was using low doses of test but high doses of tren maybe it could have been many different compounds but I think that it could be a more popular thing seeing low test and higher other andro and anabolics

Its sad though dude was a beast
And he was a SOFLO BOY

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Yea he was a good kid man. I knew him pretty good.

Thst really sucks to young to pass away

@PHD @Bigmurph I looked at the actual autopsy on and his test number was 550 ng/ml = 55000 ng/dl so I think this guy was wrong as that’s obviously sky high.

Yeah are right. I put that into a conversion from ml to dl and the number that the computer showed was 55000.

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Yeah made a typo in my previous post. Ever seen a number that high. That’s crazy. That would be like 10g of test

That’s what I’m saying, if that conversion is correct that number is insane. I didn’t even know it could go that high

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Just looked it up and 2.4-12 is the normal range if measured in ng per ml

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Wow thats alot higher thats running like 10g a day

Numbers are correct. Said he did 5 bottles of test a week 5 bottles of tren a week and 5 bottles eq. Dallas knew he had health issues he decided to push this much and unfortunately paid the price. Nobody can blame anyone here like people are trying to do. Dallas lived and died doing what he loved. I know for a fact a very close friend of mine told Dallas after his collapse on stage that he needed to go to dr and quit using so much. This is a very respected person and he didn’t listen to him either. Bottom line we all
Are going to do what we want. It’s sad but true guys. Be smart when you use and don’t abuse. More is not better actually less is


More is not better less actually is so true so true

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