Dallas Mccarver dead? Anyone with info chime in

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Seeing on Instagram people are saying he died. Anyone hear anything?

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I’m friends with Dallas and just text his best friend waiting to hear from him. But it’s looking to be true. So very sad.

Rxmuscle report in 9 minutes.

Fuuuuuuck :frowning: so sad

Just saw the report. Really sad to hear Dallas passed away. For anyone that didnt hear yet- @UGMain

I just got the whole story from my buddy that is good friends with flex Lewis. I will wait to say anything as I was asked not to share the info. So sad and this is why we need to take care of ourselves

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I saw that. Read somewhere that he choked on food or something yesterday and CPR had to be administered. But who knows with all the speculations at these early stages. Regardless to how, it’s super sad. Guy was an absolute beast.

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Yeah he was one that could have definitely gone all the way to Olympia imo.

I checked my email and saw the email from Tren God and couldn’t believe it. So I went RX Muscle and it had breaking news that Dallas is really dead. My heart felt heavy . I was talking with Seth Feroce this past weekend and when you see these guys they seem super human. It is shock Dallas only being 26 . I also heard he choked on some food when Josh L. found him . Obviously it’s pretty hard to do the hiemlic on a 330 pound man with a 60 inch chest. But who knows what happened. One way or another the media will blame it on gear .


Yeah as soon as I heard it this morning I was hoping it was a hoax. He seemed like a truly good kid all around at 26. Always made time for his fans and never had an attitude like some pros do.

I’ve never even thought about it but would be nearly impossible for an average person to do heimlich on someone of his size. Rumors of prior conditions going around also but regardless it’s a loss to the sport and hope his family gets thru this ok.


Dam…this was such a sad way to wake up this morning
I saw a bunch of posts on ig as well :slightly_frowning_face:
Rip :frowning:

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Even Josh Lenartowitz who found him couldn’t do it because his chest is so massive he wouldn’t be able to reach around him. A regular person couldn’t lift him so you are definitely right . I feel bad for his family to. Only 26 . Then the media will drag his name through the mud on top of it.

One thing I enjoyed about this kid was his sense of humor. His Instagram he made for his dog showed that lol.

WTF im just getting on and seeing this omg he was only 26 this is horrible my prayers go out to his family and friends.

I hope that this wasn’t related to compound use. Either way its horrible way to young to die

Dam…if you guys go over to flex lewis’ instagram and read what he wrote…
Shit will make you tear up
Such a heartbreaking loss

now that sucks. ,. smh. so young. and the pet really touches me deep. i know the. pet is feeling it. because im tight with my pet like that. …so best believe that poor animal is truly missing his. best friend. …z
i was just telling myself this the other day. , im so high strung and stressed. and. miserable. and i can be gone. the next hour. … lifes shorts brothers and sisters. , try to enjoy. i know i am. givong it a shot.

I was sad to hear this news…

This is pretty sad. Nic has known Dallas longer then any of these people in the industry. Truth is he wasn’t with his girlfriend that long. But here’s what he had to say about the situation.

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