Damn alt coins took a hit and btc is barely above 30k UPDATE

How long will btc hold before hitting 20k and resting until 2023 its coming soon in my opinion.

Alt coins took a big hit but rallied today im not sure if there going to hold but things are looking much better

Metals are a mess does anyone actually invest in metals or just crypto?

The metal market everyone wants to move at 2000 an ozt of gold but to buy it they will only give 1800 or less I understand but damn

Silver has lost 3 an ozt over the past couple of weeks people probably really got hit hard by that because people usually invest heavy in silver lose 3k really quickly

It doesn’t make sense though Biden in his speech yesterday mentioned that America has a shortage of super conductors those are gold and silver.

If you do invest in metals my reccomendation would be to buy gold and silver but especially silver unless you can get gold for 1800. Take silver between 24.00 up to 25.00 I believe is the bottom and after this month precious metals should be worth alot if not I don’t know what’s happening lol

Crypto I don’t know if this uptrend will hold it should though


This is also really bad news btc is going down quickly once this starts

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I would like to purchase more Bitcoin but I’ve waiting to see what direction it’s going to go. It seems split 50/50. Some say it’s going to tank and others say it will rebound. It does make me nervous that our government is looking into putting their meat hook into it

I believe that it will sink around 20k because that’s were it was before the last burn but investors are mad at the stock market its not doing great its doing well

I believe alot are investigating in btc so it could actually hold and go up but my guess is that everyone will move once its stale and it will sit at 20k minimum.

In 2023 July buy as much as possible or atleast when it bottoms out 2024 its almost a guarantee to double your money maybe more I believe that 100k is minimum for the last burn only 25% of bitcoin is left after that burn

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I made a little money off Doge a few months ago just playing around with it. I usually invest in what I believe in. I bought into Nucor which is a steel and building material company in Texas which I know is getting more populated by the day. It’s doubled since I first invested around January.

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Good shit yeah when I can etherium and doge plus ltc those are my 3 picks for long term etherium is the next bitcoin amount and doge and ltc should be running things around 300 a coin for doge that’s huge

Have you taken a look at privacy coins like Monero? I think it’ll be a last line of defense against government probing. I know the IRS is offering 625k for anyone who can crack monero’s code


Monero is banned in usa and Zeu is next I posted about the EU new rules earlier shit is crazy nowadays you can still use manero but can’t use it anywhere or exchange it

This I didn’t know about I just figured that the NSA had already done it


I think kraken still offers Monero. also have you ever used decentralized exchanges?

You can still move monero but it will be banned in the usa and EU I will find the post about it

Its the story in this thread

I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention to coinbase but that’s probably going to be a powerhouse when it goes public. You can buy shares right now which are being sold by private shareholders. This is basically an international company making machines and software to convert cash to crypto, kind of like an ATM. I think this is one of the brightest stars in the coming stock future. And as it is international it is not as susceptible to wavering just because the Dems are running amok in the White House.

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Very true the company that I wish you or I could invest in is bitpay its the PayPal of crypto currency

I need to check that out. Robinhood is about to go public too, I already put in a preorder with that

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That’s going to be a good one there legal thieves lol


It is the last line and the govt do not like monaro I been using the shit out of it I found a place that does all in one cryptocurrency exchange wallets storage whatever you want a lot cheaper on fees too
and you can’t lose your seed

I have been moving my BTC profits to stocks. I have a BTC ACCOUNT. I put a % of profit in and I let her ride of I hit big I hit big if I lose it all it’s like a lotto ticket then I got a BTC acct which is another % then move the rest to stocks and cash money with the last two %. I sold all my profits in past two yrs when it was over 50 just one wallet made 1800$ in one week. I have no clue what I’m doing but hey “a blind pig finds an acorn every now and again.”


Bro if doge goes to 300 a coin I’m never working again. Ever. I’ll be working out and building motorcycles for the rest of my days