DDOS Attack on UGMuscle-----

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Ok guys. So today I got a screenshot message from someone that couldnt access our site for a few minutes. One minute they were on, next it was giving a warning from cloudflare. I decided to check the records. Apparently someone is trying to DDOS this site and take it down. As we never had this issue before I can only bet its in response to the other thread about scammers and daddyroids and all.

For now its pretty laughable as its such a weak ass attack and this site has ddos protection on it lol. But nevertheless Im waiting on reports from cloudflare with the logs to start the investigation and then we can have some fun with them.

If you try to access and it gives the cloudflare page, wait a few seconds and try again and it will be back up. Also on desktop just clear cookies as well. And no worries. Those that know me know we are well equipped to deal with this when we find the source of the attack :wink:

@PHD @SIEGMUND @Bigmurph

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@TrenGod hahahaha that’s funny they obviously don’t know who they are messing with lol. Think UG is making its mark now

im lost when it comes to this stuff , but whats the possibility of mg trying to take us down ??

Im not going to say its them or anyone exactly unless I can get the reports and track the IP addresses back to something that matches. Even if they tried to hide behind a vpn I still have ways of tracking IP addresses and know people that can do further investigation into where it was connected from.

Now there was an increase in traffic from china (where alot of people like to try to ddos from) a few days into that post. I told @PHD about it and I was monitoring the times vs times when people were online. For all we know it could be anyone of the “sources” I called out in the post even before tying it into those sources on MG. What I do know is the SEO from the post is now becoming noticeable and its been one of the most tracked posts from members and non members reading on the site.

As far as now, we obviously have a couple enemies online that dont want people on this site for whatever reasons. I will say this when I find out who is it doing it, its game time.

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Lol now the fun begins for @TrenGod lol

This is going to be fun i can’t wait until the missle you launch drops on them. I guess I shouldn’t verify there site lol

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